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Security Journey vs. Secure Code Warrior [2024]

Security Journey vs. Secure Code Warrior [2024]

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Finding your team's perfect secure coding training solution can feel like an endless maze. With so many options, how do you know which one will empower your SDLC?  

At Security Journey, we understand that struggle. This article breaks down the key features of Security Journey and Secure Code Warrior, helping you make the best decision for your organization. 


Who is Security Journey?  

Founded in 2016, Security Journey built a reputation for its web-based application security training platform, focused on helping developers and security teams create more secure software.  

Since its 2022 acquisition by HackEDU, Security Journey has evolved into an even more powerful enterprise solution. The combined AppSec Education Platform now offers hands-on secure coding training and video learning, giving learners a robust, programmatic way to integrate security principles into their daily work. 


Security Journey's AppSec Education Platform  

Security Journey's comprehensive training solution empowers everyone in your SDLC with the skills to build secure software. Our multi-year programs provide nearly 800 lessons, spanning over 40 programming languages and frameworks. This extensive library ensures all team members can find the training they need regardless of background or technical expertise. 

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The platform's streamlined interface gives administrators an intuitive view of key information, presented in a modern map or list format. Learners can easily navigate multi-modal learning paths that take them from foundational concepts all the way to practical application within their specific roles. 

We understand that different team members have varying needs. Security Journey addresses this challenge with pre-built learning paths organized by three categories: 

  • Role-Based: Developers, security professionals, and other SDLC members can target their training to the specific skills they need to excel in their positions. 
  • Compliance-Based: These paths ensure teams achieve compliance with industry standards such as OWASP, PCI DSS, and more. 
  • Topic-Based: Focused paths delve deep into specific topics such as AI/LLM or OWASP Top 10 

By leveraging these pre-built paths, administrators can confidently assign the most relevant lessons to their learners. This ensures everyone on the team gains the proficiency required to build secure software. 

Our lessons offer flexibility to cater to different learning styles. For a more immersive skill-building experience, learners can choose to watch videos, read summaries, or engage in hands-on programming experiments. 


Who is Secure Code Warrior?  

Secure Code Warrior is a company specializing in developer-focused secure coding training. It offers an agile learning platform designed to equip developers with the skills to write secure code from the beginning of the development process. The company's target audience includes security professionals, engineering teams, and developers of all experience levels. 


Secure Code Warrior's Learning Platform  

Secure Code Warrior's Learning Platform offers a gamified, world map-based experience designed to engage developers. It supports over 55 languages and frameworks and covers a wide range of vulnerabilities.  

The platform features a sleek dark theme and a technical layout, challenging learners with simulated 'threats.' Learning happens through videos, challenges, missions, labs, tournaments, and customizable admin-created paths. 


Compare Security Journey vs. Secure Code Warrior  

When choosing between Security Journey and Secure Code Warrior, it's crucial to understand their key differences. Let's compare their technical depth, instructional methods, hands-on elements, gamification, analytics, and more. 

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Technical Depth of Content 

Security Journey - Our platform offers a wide range of progressive lessons that cover basic vocabulary and provide enough depth to challenge Security Champions. Additionally, we cover topic areas other providers don't, such as AI/LLM. 

Secure Code Warrior – Secure Code Warrior’s modules are designed to evaluate the users' existing knowledge and put less emphasis on providing instructions. 


Videos with Impact 

Security Journey – We offer conversational podcast-style videos featuring industry experts. 

Secure Code Warrior – Secure Code Warrior offers brief animated videos to complement other training activities. 


Hands-On Training 

Security Journey – Access to multiple lessons requiring coding in a live web app to apply learned concepts and coding exercises are tied to lessons to reinforce learning. 

Secure Code Warrior - Offers a limited library of hands-on coding labs. Most modules only require a selection between code snippets without code writing. 


Customizable Role-Specific Learning Paths 

Security Journey – Offers customizable pre-built paths for more than 12 development team roles. 

Secure Code Warrior —Pre-built paths cover Basic learning requirements. However, limited content is available for non-developers to meet the requirements of PCI DSS and other regulations. 



Security Journey – Tournaments are now available for all roles, with a leaderboard for lesson completion and tournament results. 

Secure Code Warrior - Tournament content is the same as educational lessons with solid usability and reporting. 


Security Champion Program Management 

Security Journey – Security Journey customers can access the Champion Passport to track Security Champion's practical hands-on activities. 

Secure Code Warrior - No function for managing security champion activities 


Analytics & Insights 

Security Journey - Reporting that can be filtered on any user property and reports that show knowledge improvement 

Secure Code Warrior - Interactive reports that measure individual, team, and company performance 


Customer Success and Service 

Security Journey - Each customer is assigned a CSM, and learners can access human-driven in-app chat during business hours. The guide is provided during onboarding to ensure an effective program. 

Secure Code Warrior - Larger customers receive an assigned CSM who will respond to customer requests. 


Platform Customization 

Security Journey - Customize the platform logo and interface theme and create custom learning paths based on the recommended paths by role. 

Secure Code Warrior - Supports platform logo customization 


Enterprise-Grade Features 

Security Journey - SOC2 compliant to protect data, SSO and SCIM support for easy user management, WCAG support across all lessons (read more about security and accessibility) 

Secure Code Warrior - SSO and SCIM support, WCAG support on assessments only 




Security Journey vs. Secure Code Warrior: Which is Best?  

Finding the perfect secure coding training platform requires careful consideration of your organization's unique needs and budget.  

G2 Comparison Tool: Compare Secure Code Warrior and Security Journey 

Here are some key questions to help you make the best choice: 

  • Focus - Do you need a comprehensive program that provides ongoing secure coding education, or would a gamified security awareness solution be a better fit? 
  • Management - How important are ease of deployment and ongoing management? Do you prioritize these aspects or prefer a platform focused on detailed learner scoring? 
  • Support – What kind of support is included for the base cost? 

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The decision can be complex, but finding a solution that delivers what your team needs is important. If you're looking for a platform that encourages ongoing developer engagement, produces securely coded applications, and simplifies long-term management, Security Journey's AppSec Education Platform could be a strong contender.