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Security is a Journey, not a Destination

Introducing The Security Champions Podcast!

Automation, Generative AI, Shift Left - the world of application security is evolving fast! Security Journey introduces the newest go-to AppSec resource, The Security Champions Podcast, hosted by Director of Application Security, Michael Burch. 

Gain exclusive insight from software development leaders and security experts – from recounting their security champion journey to diving into the latest headlines in the AppSec world. Learn how to build, maintain and scale a successful software security program through expert guidance and real-world experiences.

Are You A Security Champion?

I love the concept behind a security champions program.  

The idea of training a handful of security gladiators to fight insecure code a line at a time makes a great story, but is it effective?

Is culture changing, or have we just found another exciting topic to brief during our security standup? 

Join me on the journey to explore security champions and the highest-performing security champion programs.