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Secure Coding Training Content Built for Success

Hands-on coding opportunities for developers. Lessons to scale application security knowledge across the SDLC.

Security Journey Appsec Training Library

The Security Journey
Training Library

At Security Journey, we know rolling out a training program can be daunting. Our AppSec Education Platform is completely customizable to your needs or comes out of the box with over 800 lessons to create a multi-year, programmatic level-based approach.  

Our level-based approach gives all learners the foundation of understanding to apply security concepts to their daily work. Three advanced learning paths offer developers in-depth security knowledge and the skills to build a solid security culture. 

Hands-On Lessons

Real-life development isn’t multiple-choice.
Practice actually writing safer code.

Security Journey SQL Injection

HackEDU Break/Fix

A real-world development experience where developers break, fix, and test code in a full application sandbox.

These hands-on exercises cover the OWASP Top 10 and all popular programming languages, including Go, Python, Ruby, C, JavaScript, and more.
Security Journey Command-Line Interface

HackEDU Command-Line Interface

Hands-on tutorials delivered in a familiar command-line interface environment.

These lessons help developers build and strengthen security strategies for configuration and administration of tools like Docker and Kubernetes.

Security Journey Code Fix

Code Fix Exercises

Developers gain a holistic understanding to build more secure applications.

Code exercises that focus developers on elements of specific code languages to gain a deeper understanding of relevant security concepts.

Security Journey Video Training Lessons

Video-Based Lessons

Engaging, informative. Led by industry experts.

Podcast-Style Experience

Listen and watch application security experts share their knowledge and explain complex security issues in a clear, easy-to-digest way. 

Self-Paced Learning

Offer a bite-sized approach to learning, with short lessons (most under 15 minutes) that allow learners to consume content around their workload.

Multiple Formats

Address preferred learning styles with summary text and imagery that complements the video content, giving all learners a choice about how they learn.

Knowledge Assessments

Ensure content retention with short, 10-question assessments at the completion of each lesson to help learners reinforce the concepts presented.

View Our Full Training Library

Over 400 Engaging Lessons

Security Journey has the most diverse library in the industry. view our catalog today to see the lessons we offer for developers and everyone in the SDLC.

View Our Full Training Library

Over 800 Engaging Lessons

Security Journey has the most diverse library in the industry. View our catalog today to see the lessons we offer for developers and everyone in the SDLC.

Why Security Journey Training?

Security Training

Lessons Built By Experts

Our platform leverages the decades of application security expertise on our team.

There is simply no substitute for hard-earned knowledge. 

Security Training

Content Based On Learning Science

Our curriculum is built using proven adult learning principles. 

Your team will have no guesswork in the best approach for your AppSec education. 

Security Training

Vulnerability-Driven Learning Objectives

Our team of appsec experts stay on top of emerging vulnerabilities, including the OWASP Top 10 

Teach your developers the skills to address emerging threats while continuing to prepare for well-known vulnerabilities. 

Security Training

AppSec Education For All

Our break/fix hands-on exercises let developers hone newly learned skills.

Our general AppSec knowledge lessons increase knowledge across the SDLC. 

No Matter Your Software Pipeline,
We Help You To Keep It Secure

Our always growing catalog of lessons includes today's most relevant languages, frameworks and technologies.

Security Journey Languages, Frameworks and Technologies

Learn More About ...

Training Automation

Integrate your AppSec Testing Tools to create customized training paths based on your organization's needs.


Set up lesson-based or HackEDU hand-on tournaments to gamify your training program.

Program Administration

Deliver a seamless, secure, and time-saving experience for the people managing day-to-day operations.