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About Security Journey

Application Security Education

Great things happen when industry professionals identify a need and leverage their expertise to craft a solution.

This is how both HackEDU and Security Journey came to be.

Three seasoned software engineers and security practitioners went on separate missions to reduce software vulnerabilities through effective training. These efforts created two industry-leading training solutions - HackEDU and Security Journey.

When adopted, each solution enabled software development teams in organizations of all sizes to deliver safer, less vulnerable applications. As a result, organizations flourished in a more secure application development environment, and both HackEDU and Security Journey enjoyed great success. 

Industry leaders took note and saw an undeniable synergy between the two organizations. Moreover, they knew this synergy could be leveraged to bring to market an even better, stronger application security solution for companies of all sizes - from lean startups to Fortune 5s.

The two application security training companies became one in the spring of 2022 when HackEDU acquired Security Journey and adopted the Security Journey name. 

Today, Security Journey offers robust application security education tools to help developers and the entire SDLC team recognize and understand vulnerabilities and threats and proactively mitigate these risks.

The knowledge learners acquire in our programs go beyond helping learners code more securely – it turns everyone in the SDLC into security champions. Organizations with teams of security champions develop a security-first mindset that allows them to deliver safer, more secure applications.

This was the dream our company founders originally envisaged. It is a reality we proudly deliver to customers worldwide every day.


Joe Ferrara

Chief Executive Officer

Passionate about driving growth in technology companies, Joe has a track record for building market-leading businesses in cybersecurity and telecommunications at Wombat Security, Ericsson, Marconi, and Tollgrade.

He also currently serves as a Board Member of seed investor Innovation Works and most recently served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Proofpoint’s Security Awareness Division.


Amy Baker

Chief Marketing Officer

Amy has served in several top marketing roles in B2B technology companies, including more than eight years, leading security awareness training marketing and product at Wombat Security and Proofpoint post-acquisition.

She also held senior marketing positions at Othot, Tollgrade, Ericsson, McKesson, and Marconi. She enjoys providing marketing guidance to other tech start-ups in the Pittsburgh region.


Jason Brubaker

Vice President of Engineering

Jason Brubaker has 20+ years of experience in the web application and SaaS world, first as a software engineer and later as an engineering manager and director.

He has worked for successful startups in the healthcare, education, and cyber security space, including companies like HealthPay24, CECity, and Wombat Security Technologies. After Wombat’s acquisition by Proofpoint, Jason continued to build and manage engineering teams for Proofpoint for several years.


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