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Science-Based Application Security Education

Give your developers the training, tools, and motivation they need to code more secure applications.

Reduce vulnerabilities, manage your education program, measure knowledge gain, and share results - all in one platform.

Security Journey Platform

A Programmatic Approach to AppSec Education

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Our multi-year, customizable training programs upskill developers and educate all roles in the development process to deliver measurable results with our AppSec Education Platform.

Security Journey Platform AppSec Training
  • Training Library

    Over 800 lessons delivered in bite-size sessions that complement busy workloads.

    Security Journey's wide variety of content covers everything from foundational concepts in video-based security conversations to engaging break-and-fix exercises for developers.

    Learners report an average of 34% knowledge gain, with some learners improving their knowledge by as much as 85%.

    Training Library

  • Training Automation

    Integrate with your AppSec Testing Tools to customize your training paths based on your organization's needs.

    Leverage the power of our Training Automation to identify top-of-mind vulnerabilities with SAST/DAST and bug bounty tool integration.

    Use that data to develop Adaptive Training Plans and generate exclusive Impact Reports, making it easy to show your program’s progress.

    Training Automation

  • Tournaments

    Maximize learner engagement with a fun, gamified learning experience.

    Create Lesson-Based Tournaments based or Exercise-Based Tournaments to engage your learners.

    Tournament Leaderboards help teams track, motivate, and award participation.


SecurityJourneyPlatform_ Custom AppSecReport
  • Measure & Report

    Accurately measure and easily report learner progress with built-in patented capabilities.

    Highlight the effectiveness of your program with calculated Learning Swing data, challenging assessments, and leaderboards.

    Visualize and report program success with compliance reports and completion certificates.

    Measure & Report

  • Program Administration

    Customize the learner experience to align with your organization.

    Utilize pre-built, custom, and automated learning paths to meet your organization's specific needs.

    Streamline your program administration with integrated communication tools and easy-to-use platform management.

    Program Administration

Security Journey Platform - Video Lessons

Developer Training and Beyond

We put developers at the heart of our secure coding training platform, but we don’t stop there.

Secure applications require everyone in the development process to have a solid foundation of application security knowledge.

Security Journey's Application Security Training Platform is an enterprise-class solution that delivers skills-based training for secure application development.

Choose from a robust selection of hands-on exercises to strengthen developers' secure coding skills and video lessons to increase the security knowledge of the entire SDLC.

Who Can Use Security Journey's
AppSec Training Platform?

When Product Managers and UX Developers, QA, Scrum Masters, and similar roles have a solid understanding of security principles, the entire team can adopt a security-first mindset.

SecurityJourneyPlatform_ Cybersecurity Training

The Security Journey Difference

Our platform is unlike any in the industry today.

With Security Journey's Application Security Training Platform, you provide your organization with an entire suite of application security training solutions.

From hands-on training for developers to foundational knowledge lessons for all roles in the development process, we take a measurable and integrated approach to building your organization’s security culture.

Security Training Security Journey _ Case Study

Security Journey Case Study

Software Technology Company Meets PCI Secure Coding Training Compliance

The software technology company decided to put all their software developers through hands-on secure coding training.

After going through all the lessons, the developers:

  • Improved their ability to write secure software
  • Boosted their understanding of how systems are hacked
  • Decreased the time to solve those security-related issues

After the training and approximately 9 months after the initial assessment, the developers were given another assessment. This time the average score was 85%, up from just 19%, and the developers found 81% of the vulnerabilities.

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