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Security Journey Pricing

Security Journey delivers highly customizable learning plans for developers and everyone within the SLDC; teaching them how to specifically understand and address all vulnerabilities.


Budget-Friendly Enterprise-Class AppSec Training Platform

Our AppSec Education Platform is priced according to the number of licensed users and the length of your agreement.

You can choose between 12, 24, and 36-month agreements, based on your organization's needs. 

Below you'll see our pricing for small to medium-sized businesses. If you are interested in AppSec training for your Enterprise and need to accommodate a higher number of learners and longer agreement terms, please contact us.

Try Our Training Content Today

Unlock 9 lessons today to try out our AppSec training.

All Security Journey customers have access to:

All Secure Coding Training Lessons
Over 800 lessons with a wide variety of training modalities. More than 40 languages and frameworks, along with a wide range of topics covering not just the most common vulnerabilities, OWASP Top 10, API Security, Mobile Security (Android and iOS), but so many more.
Sandboxes with Real-World Public Vulnerabilities
Sandboxes that replicate public vulnerabilities, such as Drupalgeddon2 and ZipSlip.
Robust Admin Features
Find your next secure coding champion, track team, and developer progress, create and assign custom plans, run tournaments, understand knowledge gain, and set completion deadlines.
Award Compliance Certificates

Reward your learners for their engagement and generate proof that your developers have completed secure coding training for compliance purposes.

Assigned Customer Success and Support

Our experienced customer success managers are always included in your subscription and are available to ensure your program is successful. 

5 Users
3 Year Term

$2,750 / year

10 Users
3 Year Term

$5,225 / year

15 Users
3 Year Term

$7,500 / year

25 Users
3 Year Term

$10,000 / year


Contact Our Team for Pricing and Terms

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A Programmatic Approach to AppSec Education

Give your SDLC an enterprise-class solution that delivers a multi-year programmatic approach based on learning science principles that is easy to administer.

Go beyond theory with immersive learning that teaches the skills and knowledge needed to create a security-first mindset for all roles in the SDLC, not just developers.

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