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Cost of Secure Coding Training [2024]: Is It Worth the Investment?

Cost of Secure Coding Training [2024]

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Could your company be part of the 79% that leaves developers unprepared to fix coding vulnerabilities?  A Ponemon Institute study reveals the alarming reality.  

Without secure coding training, your business risks crippling financial losses and tarnished reputation from cyberattacks. Secure coding training empowers developers to create software with built-in security, preventing costly breaches. 

Everything good comes with a cost. This article will examine the cost of secure coding training and whether it's worth the investment. 


Cost Factors of Secure Coding Training 

Several factors influence the cost of secure coding training, and program admins can make decisions that affect these costs. 

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Here are some key elements to consider: 


Company Size and Licenses 

Knowing the number of learners participating in your program is important, as most platforms and vendors will charge per license. Depending on the number of learners, you may be entitled to volume discounts or custom pricing based on the number of licenses. 


Secure Coding Training Format 

When designing a secure coding training program involves deciding between in-person or online training.  

In-person training typically involves instructor-led training at a physical location and often comes with higher costs due to travel and logistics. Online training offers flexibility and self-paced learning, with varying costs depending on the provider, platform features, and course materials.  

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A hybrid approach combines in-person and online components, providing a balanced experience. The costs reflect the combination of both formats. 


Choosing Your Secure Coding Training Vendor 

The next step is to create your secure coding training content in-house or hire a third-party vendor.  

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According to EMA research, organizations that invest in third-party secure coding training have achieved the highest code security improvement rates, equal to 100%. Therefore, it is essential to compare the pricing offered by vendors based on their reputation, track record, and, most importantly, specialization in secure coding. 

Selecting a secure coding training provider means investing in technical training and a mindset shift for your development team. When learners feel supported, engaged, and motivated, they are more likely to become proactive security champions.  

This leads to fewer vulnerabilities and more secure products, ultimately building a more robust cybersecurity culture within your organization. 


Security Journey Pricing 

Our secure coding training programs, starting at an accessible price point, are tailored to meet the needs of various organizations and individuals. The training is delivered by experienced security professionals with hands-on industry experience and a deep understanding of secure coding principles. 

The pricing structure for our secure coding training is transparent and flexible, allowing for customization based on the number of licenses required.  

Here's an overview of the pricing: 

  • Essentials Package - For customers who have significant budgetary constraints, a compliance need, or want to provide basic security training to developers as a starting point 
  • Enterprise Package - For customers who want a full educational program that drives behavior change and drives a security culture in the SDLC  

Contact our team to explore the available secure coding training options and pricing plans. Our team can assist you in selecting the training program that best suits your organization's requirements and budget. 


Beyond the Price Tag: What to Look for in Secure Coding Training 

It's essential to consider a few key factors when determining the value of secure coding training.  

First, ensure your training is relevant to your tech stack and development processes. This will ensure that what you learn applies to your work and can be easily integrated into your workflow. 

Second, consider the engagement factor. Interactive, gamified training can be more enjoyable and effective regarding knowledge retention and practical application. This can lead to better adoption rates and, ultimately, better results. 

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Lastly, look for training solutions that can track progress and provide metrics for improvement. This can help you identify areas where you need to focus your efforts and measure your progress over time.  

By considering these factors and the value it can add to your SDLC, you can choose a secure coding training program that is effective and tailored to your needs.  


Secure Coding Training in 2024: Is It Worth the Investment? 

Absolutely! The statistics speak for themselves – companies that invest in secure coding training see significant improvements in code security.   

While the upfront cost might be an obstacle, consider the potential financial and reputational damage a cyberattack can cause. Secure coding training isn't just an expense; it's proactive protection for your business. 

If you want to learn more about how Security Journey can help you develop your secure coding training program, you can schedule a meeting with our team today.