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New Role-Based and Compliance-Based Learning Paths
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Secure Code Training to Drive Compliance
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Reduce Vulnerabilities with Targeted Security Training for Teams that Build Software

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Security Journey’s AppSec Education Platform

Every Journey Needs a Map

Security Journey Platform 24

We believe that security is a journey, not a destination.

Our flexible AppSec Education Platform makes it quick and easy to achieve short-term compliance goals, target current problems, all the while supporting a proactive, long-term approach to engage learners and build a more secure culture around application security.

Security Journey Platform Hands-On Lesson


Over 1,000 lessons covering over 45 Languages/Technologies/Frameworks

  • Lessons in a variety of formats, including video and multiple approaches to hands-on training
  • Build your own or use our Recommended Role or Compliance-based learning paths
  • Run Tournaments to engage, challenge, and test knowledge across your team 
SecurityJourney Platform Leaderboard

Program Administration 

Easily manage learners through SSO/SAML, configure roles, and send communications

  • Easily manage learners through SSO/SAML, configure roles, and send communications  
  • Effortlessly track progress using our Platform Progress Dashboard, or delve into learner, compliance, and training progress reporting for in-depth insights

  • Engage and reward learners with leaderboards and certificates

  • Understand real-time learner knowledge improvement for each lesson with our Learning Swing measurement 

zoom-logo-png-video-meeting-call-software SecurityJourney - Zoom Case Study

Security Journey Case Study

Zoom Selects Security Journey to Drive Application Security Excellence

Zoom needed a new secure coding training partner for their fast-growing engineering team to support new features, integrations, and capabilities.

Security Journey's AppSec Education Platform was implemented to support secure coding practices with required learning paths for new engineers and custom yearly training refreshers.

Zoom saw an immediate return on investment when developers proactively returned to previously completed code and addressed vulnerabilities based on what they learned in their training

Who Can Use Security Journey's AppSec Education Platform?

When everyone in the SDLC has a solid understanding of security principles, the entire team can adopt a security-first mindset.


We're Here to Help

Every Security Journey customer has access to:

  • An experienced Customer Success Manager

  • Unique In-App support for both Admins and Learners
  • Our extensive up-to-date knowledge base
  • Best practices and resources for engaging Learners
  • Security Champion and mentor guidance 

Trusted by 450+ Companies, From Startups to Fortune 5

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