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Safer Applications Start with People

Secure Coding Training for
Developers and Everyone in the SDLC.

While developers are your first area of focus, there are others in your organization who can affect the security of your applications. Everyone involved in creating software should understand application security, so developers are better supported to write secure code.


Most AppSec training programs focus only on secure coding training for engineers and developers, which is a great place to start.

At Security Journey, we believe that aligning vocabulary and the understanding of basic security concepts across developers and everyone involved in the secure development lifecycle (SDLC) helps build a security-first mindset that will help you build safer applications more efficiently.

This alignment can also help build stronger teams and lay a solid foundation for application security culture in your organization.

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Every Journey Needs a Map

Take the guesswork out of building an application security education program.

Through challenges and competitions, Security Journey helps you progress through a map-oriented quest to gain higher-level belts and achievements. Learners can see their progress in their journey as they increase their security knowledge.

With flexible administration options, multiple training modalities, and the ability to measure and report progress, our AppSec Education Platform can help guide you every step of the way. 


Flexible Administration

Programmatic Belt-Based Training Paths  - Build knowledge and a culture of security across not only developers but everyone in the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Customize Training Paths - Customize pre-built learning paths to add or subtract lessons that meet the needs of your learners and organization.

Automated Training Plans - Integrate your SAST/DAST tools and bug bounty programs and identify known vulnerabilities to generate learning paths specific to your organization’s needs.

Security Journey Platform Training

Multiple Training Modalities 

Podcast-Like Video Lessons - Watch, listen, or read application security experts explain complex security issues in a clear, easy-to-digest way.

HackEDU Hands-On, Code-Based Lessons - Practice in an application sandbox where learners learn how to break and then fix an application.

Tournaments - Set up lesson-based and exercise-based tournaments to test knowledge or advance the learning pace of the team.

Practical Application - Learners can immediately apply what they learn to work towards becoming a security champion.


Ability to Measure and Report Progress

Learning Swing - Understand learner knowledge before and after training with our learner-reported Learning Swing measurement.

Track Compliance - Track and report who is in compliance with built-in Compliance Reporting.

Tournaments With Leaderboards - Showcase progress, identify future security champions and encourage fast completion.

Training Progress - Report on lesson attempts, assignment completion status, and other KPIs.

Completion Certificates - Generate custom completion certificates to recognize learner success.


We're Here Every Step of the Way

Security Journey Customer Support is here to ensure your success ... at no added costs!

From program administration to designing the most effective learning path, our team is on call to make sure your journey leads to success.

Every Security Journey customer gets a Customer Success Manager and has access to our support team.

If learners get stumped, our live chat feature, which gives them access to an engineer who can help answer questions, makes it easy for them to resolve the challenge they’re facing.


Security Journey Research

Secure Coding Report: Injection Vulnerabilities

93% of Trained Developers Find & Fix SQL Injection in Less than 10 Minutes

Derek Brink, Aberdeen Strategy and Research, analyzed nearly 140,000 exercises taken by developers on injection vulnerabilities across the past year, to identify how the exercises successfully trained developers.

  • Only 45% of the developers were 100% successful in their first attempt to pass
  • 93% were able to find and fix SQLi after less than 10 minutes of training

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