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AppSec Training Platform Your Program Administrator Will Love

We’ve designed our platform to simplify and streamline your AppSec training program. Our goal is to deliver a seamless, secure, and time-saving experience for the people managing day-to-day operations.

Security Journey Custom Theme

Platform Customization

No cookie-cutter approach here.

Make our secure coding training platform your own and ensure a seamless learner experience with: 

  • Your company logo to ensure a branded identity experience
  • Customized learning path names that reflect your organization’s personality
  • Personalized icons that visually support your company persona

Our Curriculum Your Way

One size does not fit all. We give you the power to build learning paths that deliver the right lessons to the right teams at the right time.

Security Journey _ AppSec PreBuilt Learning Path

Pre-Built Learning

Curated by Security Journey application security experts, these learning paths combine lessons to address common application security concepts and issues.

Help learners build a foundation of application security knowledge. Give developers the tools to recognize and mitigate common threats like those in the OWASP Top 10.

Security Journey Platform - AppSec Custom Learning Paths

Customized Learning Paths

With the most flexible approach in the industry, you can customize pre-built learning paths to add or subtract lessons that meet your organization’s needs.

Build a complete learning path from scratch, choosing from more than 800 available lessons. The options are virtually limitless, giving you the power to deliver the training your way.

Security Journey - AppSec Training Automation Learning Paths

Training Automation Learning Paths

When you integrate your SAST/DAST tools and bug bounty programs, our platform uses your known vulnerabilities to generate learning paths specific to your organization’s needs.

Training Automation creates training plans to ensure learners are only completing the training they actually need.

Learn About Our Training Library

Hands-on coding opportunities for developers and lessons to scale application security knowledge across the SDLC.

Security Journey Users and Communication

User Management Simplified

Streamline program administration while keeping security a priority.

System Access

We give you multiple ways to ensure that access to your training platform is seamless and secure.

  • User Name/Password- Import users or manually enter login data; the choice is yours.
  • SSO/SAML- We support all providers and offer just-in-time provisioning, including the optional approval of SSO/SAML users.

User Roles

Configure users by role (admin or learner) to gate platform access to only the features each user needs.


Send email notifications to learners for training progress, completion reminders, new and pending assignments, and platform updates. Implement our optional Slack integration for real-time learner communications.

SJ2023_Blog_SOC2 (1)

SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance

Security Journey successfully completed the AICPA Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II audit.

The audit confirms that Security Journey’s information security practices, policies, procedures, and operations meet the SOC 2 standards for security. 

Security Journey Software Integrations

Take advantage of tools you use today to build a more efficient program.

Slack Communications

If your company is like so many others, completely addicted to Slack, we can make that a part of your training communications.

Once you integrate with Slack then training and  reminders can be sent—not just via email, but via Slack, too.

GitHub Training Check

To drive learner engagement and training completion, we have an integration with GitHub that will be a strong reminder for developers to complete their training.

Developers will not be able to submit code if they have any past-due training assignments in Security Journey.

SAST/DAST Tool Integration

Leverage the power of data from your SAST/DAST and bug bounty tools by integrating them with your application security training platform and prioritize training for the most pressing vulnerabilities to your organization. 

Read more about our Training Automation feature that uses this data to create automatic training plans and reporting for you.

Tools supported are: Acunetix, Bugcrowd, GitLab, SonarCloud, HackerOne, HCL AppSacn, GitHub and Synopsis(Polaris)