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Security Journey Compliance

Easily Meet Compliance Requirements and Have Developers Ship Code with Fewer Errors

For companies that want dev teams to write more secure code. For compliance officers that want to spend less time on admin work.

Get on the Road to Compliance+

Easily Meet Secure Code Training Regulations and Improve Knowledge

We believe that security is a journey, not a destination. If your journey begins with compliance requirements, with Security Journey it doesn’t have to stop there.

Our flexible AppSec Education Platform makes it quick and easy to achieve short-term compliance goals, target current problems, all while supporting a proactive, long-term approach to engage learners and build a more secure culture around application security.

Learning Paths

Easily meet and report on compliance goals with short, focused paths to make the most of your development team's valuable time.

Learners are rewarded with a certificate at the end of each path.

OWASP Learning Path

The OWASP Compliance Path was designed to train on OWASP Top 10 threats to web applications.


Your Learners will complete videos introducing the key vulnerability concepts and then be asked to work through hands-on lessons to be able to identify, prevent, and remediate top vulnerabilities. 

PCI Learning Path

The PCI Compliance Path aims to fulfill the specific secure code training requirements in PCI DSS 4.0 for an organization to achieve  compliance.


The Learner willunderstand how to safeguard customer data through completion of lessons on threat modeling, secure coding best practices, and practical offensive and defensive exercises.  

Executive Order Learning Path

The Executive Order Compliance Path is designed to ensure compliance with the White House Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity.


The learning path lessons cover secure coding, security principles, and customer data protection. Upon completion of the path  learners will be able to create web applications that meet the Executive Order's requirements and protect customer data. 

Training Content For The Entire SDLC

With over 800 lessons across over 40 languages, frameworks, and technologies - you can improve security skills across the SDLC.

What You Need To Know About Secure Coding Training for PCI DSS v4.0 Requirements


Measure and Report Your Program Progress

Reach your AppSec training goals by showing tangible knowledge gain and proving application security growth.

Security Journey Platform Reporting
Compliance Reporting

It’s never been easier to prove your organization's compliance.


Whether it is PCI DSS, SOC 2, NIST, CIS Controls, or another framework, our User Completion Reports show that compliance requirements have been met.


Spend less time responding to audit requests and take the stress out of annual compliance reviews.

Learning Swing

A Security Journey exclusive, Learning Swing measures knowledge improvement based on a learner's self-assessment.


Before starting a lesson, a learner rates their prior knowledge of the topic. They reassess their knowledge after the lesson is complete. The difference between these two ratings is learning swing.


Security Journey lessons come with expert-designed knowledge assessments to evaluate comprehension and learned concepts.


From hands-on coding assessments to challenging questions from video lessons - collect realistic data to measure the effectiveness of your AppSec training program.

Training Progress

Tracking learner progress is an integral part of any training program.


We offer a series of learner-focused reports to take the guesswork out of managing the learner journey.


With just a few clicks, quickly see a variety of user data, including:

  • Lesson attempts
  • Assignment completion
  • Path Progress
  • Learning swing

Program administrators can use leaderboards to quickly gauge learner progress and perform any necessary outreach to keep learners on track for success.


In one easy view, you can compare:

  • Points Collected
  • Participation Streak
  • Learner Level
Completion Certificates

Certificates are a great way to start and build learning momentum.


These PDFs make it easy to share learner competency and achievements both internally and externally while simultaneously motivating learners to share their successes with others.

A Platform Your Program Admin Will Love

Our platform will simplify and streamline your AppSec program.


We're Here to Help

Every Security Journey customer has access to:

  • An experienced Customer Success Manager

  • Unique In-App support for both Admins and Learners
  • Our extensive up-to-date knowledge base
  • Best practices and resources for engaging Learners
  • Security Champion and mentor guidance 
SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance

Security Journey Successfully Completed the AICPA Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II Audit

The audit confirms that Security Journey’s information security practices, policies, procedures, and operations meet the SOC 2 standards for security.

Our Curriculum, Your Way

At Security Journey, we know rolling out a training program can be daunting. Our AppSec Education Platform is completely customizable to your needs or comes out of the box with over 800 lessons to create a multi-year, programmatic level-based approach.  

Role-Based Learning Paths

Collections of lessons curated by our application security experts to help admins select the right lessons.

Compliance-Based Learning Paths

Collections of lessons that allow you to easily achieve compliance goals and build AppSec knowledge and skills.

Engaging Tournaments

Create Lesson-Based Tournaments or Exercise-Based Tournaments to maximize learner engagement.

Build Your Own Program

With over 800 expertly crafted lessons, you can build your own program based on topics, projects, or interests.