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Meet Compliance Requirements & Have Developers Ship Code with Fewer Errors

For companies that want dev teams to write more secure code. For compliance officers that want to spend less time on admin work.

  • A practical and applicable compliance training that meets PCI DSS, NIST 800-53, SOC, and HIPAA/HI TRUST developer training requirements
  • Secure coding compliance training programs aligned with industry standards, such as OWASP Top 10
  • Access to all Security Journey lessons to continue improving not only your developers’ secure coding skills, but everyone in the SDLC to build safer applications

Manage and monitor compliance training completion.
Automate reminders.
Export reports and certificates.

Feel confident that developers won’t miss the deadline.

HackEDU Compliance Requirements

Default Training Plans with Customizable Timelines

Use default settings to complete training modules throughout the year — or adjust the schedule to meet your upcoming deadline

  • Adjust completion timelines based on your reporting deadline or internal training schedule
  • Schedule notifications for developers with an overview of upcoming training modules
  • Set completion deadlines for each lesson and have reminders go out automatically
HackEDU Developers

Full Visibility into Developers’ Progress and One-click Certificate Generation

No manual tracking required: always know how each developer is doing at any given moment

  • Export lists of developers that have completed (or not completed) specific modules
  • Track individual progress and view proficiency reports
  • Review submitted code fixes to evaluate developers’ skill level
  • Generate proof of compliance reports and training completion certificates

Help Developers Progress From
“Security Aware” to
"Security Educated"

Our solution was designed to bridge the gap between understanding the importance of secure coding and actually improving the organization’s security posture

Live coding assignments

Live coding assignments in web-based sandbox

Developers work on exploiting and fixing specific vulnerabilities in a live sandbox. Coding patches helps them acquire new skills.
Offensive and defensive tasks

Offensive and defensive tasks in each lesson

Understanding how vulnerabilities are exploited improves developers’ ability to spot errors in their own code and eliminate them.
Immediate, targeted feedback

Immediate, targeted feedback

Developers can’t complete a lesson until they write a patch that works. This helps them better retain new skills and apply secure development practices in their day-to-day work.

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No pressure. No hard pitch. No catches.

See how we can help transform your application security efforts with training that developers enjoy taking.

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Increased developer engagement and better coding practices to eliminate vulnerabilities

PCI DSS Requirement 6.5 secure coding training


“While all the developers had completed their video-based secure coding training, there were patterns in their coding practices that really concerned the company. … Traction Guest selected HackEDU as the partner to help them solve the problem of providing secure coding training that was engaging, and that would help them easily show that they’d met their compliance requirements.”

Hours less time spent actively managing, tracking and reporting training completion

SOC2 compliance training implementation


“…administrators were spending tens of hours every year manually managing, tracking and reporting on training to meet the compliance requirements. The quality of metrics that they were tracking was very rudimentary, and didn’t provide detailed insight into developers’ abilities, and what needed to be remedied.”

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No pressure. No hard pitch. No catches.

See how we can help transform your application security efforts with training that developers enjoy taking.

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