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Essential Features for Your Secure Coding Training Platform: A Checklist for Admins

Essential Features for Your Secure Coding Platform

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According to a recent Study on Secure Coding Training, 43% of organizations use a third-party secure coding training partner. Selecting the optimal provider is a decision critical to the success of your cybersecurity initiatives.  

It's vital to go beyond the core training content; true success often depends on robust, enterprise-grade features within the training platform itself. While we know that the training content itself is incredibly important, enterprise vendor selection processes are often looking for features that are about more than just the content. 

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This article will explore the top admin features you should look for in a secure coding training platform and why they are essential. 


Accessibility Matters: WCAG, Section 508, and EN 301 549 


Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 

WCAG sets internationally recognized standards for making web content accessible to individuals with disabilities. This includes visual, auditory, physical, speech-related, cognitive, language-related, learning-related, and neurological disabilities. Security Journey supports WCAG guidelines; one example is using alt text for images and slides. 

A WCAG-supported platform ensures that all members of your development team can fully engage with the secure coding training materials. This promotes inclusivity, maximizes the impact of your training investment, and potentially helps you meet legal obligations. 


Section 508 (US)  

Section 508 is a federal law mandating that electronic and information technology used by government agencies be accessible to people with disabilities. Security Journey supports Section 508 guidelines; one example is implementing sufficient color contrasts so that text is easily readable by everyone.  

If your organization works with or falls under the scope of federal agencies, a Section 508-supported training solution ensures regulatory compliance while demonstrating a commitment to accessibility. 


EN 301 549 (EU) 

EN 301 549 is the European accessibility standard for ICT (Information and Communications Technology) products and services. Security Journey supports EN 301 549; one example is providing options for audio output and compatibility with screen readers. 

If your company does business in the European Union or wants to ensure a globally accessible experience, adherence to EN 301 549 removes barriers for developers and aligns with ethical best practices. 


Integration for Efficiency: SCIM and SSO/SAML 


System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) 

SCIM is a technical standard for automating the exchange of user identity information between systems. 

SCIM integration with your existing identity management systems significantly streamlines onboarding and offboarding developers on the training platform. This saves time, minimizes errors, and improves overall security posture. 



SSO (Single Sign-On) and SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) enable a single set of credentials to access multiple services within your organizational systems. 

SSO/SAML simplifies the user experience for developers, eliminates the need for them to juggle yet another password, and strengthens your security by allowing centralized credential management. 


Security That Protects You: SOC 2 Type 2 

A SOC 2 Type 2 report indicates that an independent third party has thoroughly audited a service provider's controls relevant to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. 

A vendor with SOC 2 Type 2 support indicates their commitment to rigorous security standards. This protects your sensitive developer data and reduces your company's risk profile. 


Choose The Partner That Supports Your Admin 

Investing in a robust, secure coding training solution is meaningless if developers can't fully access it or if the platform itself exposes you to security or compliance risks. When evaluating vendors, don't hesitate to ask whether they offer all the above features. 

Security Journey has prioritized making our platform fully enterprise-ready. That's why we proudly support all the features listed in this article. Don't delay in implementing enterprise-grade training; contact our team today to learn more and elevate your developers' secure coding practices to the next level.