Industry-First Secure Coding Training Automation

     If administering secure coding training programs for your software development team is on your list of objectives, we are here to help. Gone are the days of heavy lifting to assign new training each month and hope you’ve selected lessons that your devs need most. We’ve got that covered. 

Our Training Automation solution includes several features to create the easiest and most efficacious program administration available. Such as:

  • Adaptive, Pre-Set and Customized Training Plans to remove the guesswork in lesson selection and administration
  • Integration with Application Security Testing and bug bounty tools to inform and build plans specific to your organization’s vulnerabilities
  • An Impact Report that shows the effect of training on existing vulnerabilities
  • Integration with enterprise apps like Slack and GitHub to automate communication and drive developer engagement with training.
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Adaptive Training Plans Powered by Your Vulnerabilities

With HackEDU’s industry-first, patent-pending Adaptive Training Plans, annual training programs practically build themselves for you. 

To take full advantage of the automation, we recommend integrating your Application Security Testing and bug bounty tools (think, Rapid7, Synopsys, SonarQube, HackerOne, to name a few) with HackEDU’s Secure Coding Training Platform.

Don’t worry, this is a one-time task.

Once the integration is complete, our Adaptive Training Plans will recommend and deliver training that recognizes vulnerabilities in your environment, selecting lessons from our hundreds of topics covered. As your developers complete training and subsequently resolve those vulnerabilities, ongoing Adaptive Training Plans will adjust accordingly to ensure no developer time is wasted on the training they don’t need.

The best thing of all? You’ll be able to see the results of the automation working with our Impact Report.

The Impact Report will display vulnerabilities identified and the aligned training assigned to resolve them. Imagine being able to share a report like this with your developer community, leadership, SOC auditors, and heck, maybe even your neighbor next door.

Implementing HackEDU’s training makes shift-left attainable by creating specific practical knowledge for writing secure code to prevent future vulnerabilities. This will reduce overall costs and maximize the time your software engineers spend creating new features versus resolving bugs in post-production environments.

HackEDU is the only provider that can show you the impact of secure coding training on application security risk. 

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Training Plans are Not One Size Fits All

With our Pre-Set training plans, you can support important coursework such as OWASP Top 10, or PCI compliance recommendations that you can select and assign without any integration at all if you’re just not ready for that yet. 

You can even customize a Pre-Set training plan by changing the included lessons, the frequency of lessons assigned, or the duration of the plan. 

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Automation Everywhere

There are two other Training Automation features that we think you’ll love. 

Slack Communications

If your company is like so many others, completely addicted to Slack, we can make that a part of your training communications. Once you integrate  HackEDU’s Platform with Slack then training,  reminders can be sent—not just via email, but via Slack, too. 

GitHub Training Check

To drive learner engagement and training completion, we have an integration with GitHub that will be a strong reminder for developers to complete their training. Developers will not be able to submit code if they have any past due training assignments in HackEDU’s Platform. Like putting your hand on a hot stove burner, you might consider this a classic teachable moment. The first time a developer can’t complete their tasks because they didn’t complete training will likely be the last time.

Many of our customers have selected HackEDU because they love the quality of our lesson content. We teach offensive and defensive tactics by first asking developers to create an exploit (legally and safely in our virtual sandbox) and then resolve the vulnerability. 

When you combine our practical, truly hands-on training with our industry-leading automation, HackEDU is the best secure development solution available. 


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Application Security Testing Tool Integrations

Our Training Automation is informed by these market-leading application security tools. Vulnerabilities in your code found by these tools will guide which your developers need most. We have early versions of integrations with the Beta partners below. If you don't see your favorite tool here you can also create your own integration using our open API.


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