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Ignite Engagement with AppSec Training Tournaments

Tap into your learners’ desire to compete.
Make training fun, not work.

Bring Gamification to Your AppSec Training

Fire up your team with a fun approach that
encourages adoption and engagement.

Security Journey Platform - Lesson-Based Tournaments

Lesson-Based Tournaments

Promote a little friendly competition among teams and learners.

Set up a lesson-based quest for developer-level or foundational knowledge lessons and start the clock. 

These tournaments are a great way to engage everyone in the SDLC to scale up their application security knowledge.

Security Journey Platform - Exercise-Based Tournaments

Exercise-Based Tournaments

Give your development teams the chance to flex their secure coding muscle.

Curate a collection of hands-on coding challenges and let learners loose to identify and fix vulnerabilities.

These coding challenges reinforce the training content while giving your learners the opportunity to test their knowledge by writing, analyzing, and choosing the correct code.

Security Journey Platform - Tournament Leaderboards

Tournament Leaderboards

Don’t run your tournaments in a vacuum.

Leaderboards are a great way to showcase progress, promote tournament participation, identify future security champions, and encourage fast completion.

Everyone in the tournament can see at a glance where they stack up against each other.

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