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Industry-First Secure Coding Training Automation

Eliminate the guesswork with targeted training based on your organization’s own vulnerability data. 


Integrate. Adapt. Succeed.

Set up your integration once, leverage the power of scalable, customized training forever.

Deciding what content to deliver to your organization around secure coding can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Our Training Automation solution allows you to integrate with your SAST/DAST tools to create Adaptive Training Plans based on your organization’s most problematic vulnerabilities. 

Our Impact Report allows you to easily show the progress of this targeted training on your vulnerabilities over time.  


Leverage the power of data from your SAST/DAST and bug bounty tools by integrating them with your application security training platform and prioritize training for the most pressing vulnerabilities to your organization.  

Tools supported are: Acunetix, Bugcrowd, GitLab, SonarCloud, HackerOne, HCL AppScan, GitHub and Synopsis (Polaris) 

Adaptive Training Plans

Automate training plan creation with our patent-pending Adaptive Training Plans based on the bugs and vulnerabilities found in your own applications.

Our platform recommends and delivers lessons and paths based on your data. 

Best of all? Adaptive Training Plans evolve as learners complete their training, meaning no time is ever wasted – now or as your learners become security champions.

Impact Reports

See the results of your successful integrations with our proprietary Impact Report.

This report displays your vulnerabilities and the training assigned to resolve them.

The two data points are overlayed to give you an easy-to-understand visual of how training is impacting application security risk. 

Available Training Automation Integrations

AppSec Education Platform Management

From a customizable interface to customized learning paths and more integrations, our AppSec Education Platform gives you everything you need to easily and efficiently run a program.