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TypeScript Language Support Now Available

 TypeScript language support

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We are excited to announce the addition of TypeScript as an available language on the HackEDU platform. As the 4th most popular language on GitHub in 2021, we knew it was important to include TypeScript in our growing library of secure coding training materials.

The new TypeScript language support teaches developers offensive and defensive strategies for writing more secure TypeScript code.

“TypeScript is experiencing an explosion in popularity, due to its ability to build and manage large-scale JavaScript projects and unique features like strong static typing functionality,” notes John Campbell, Director of Content Engineering at HackEDU. “As more development teams move to TypeScript, it is critical they recognize the vulnerabilities particular to the TypeScript language and implement best practices to eliminate the risk of exploitation.”

There are many benefits of TypeScript. It provides language features not available in JavaScript to help reduce errors and scale to build larger applications. TypeScript’s support for static types provides protection from runtime errors often seen when using JavaScript. It also allows for the early detection of type incompatibility. TypeScript also enables developers to use highly-productive development tools not available in JavaScript, such as static checks and better code refactoring.

You can now find TypeScript language support in the 18 lessons where JavaScript is already available. These topics include:

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No matter why your team is working with TypeScript, you now have a clear path to writing safer code in this popular programming language.

With the addition of TypeScript, HackEDU now offers lessons in more than a dozen languages, all designed to help developers build safer, more secure apps.

To learn more about our new TypeScript lessons, schedule a demo today.