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New DevSecOps Course Now Available

DevSevOps Courses

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We’ve written a lot about the importance of DevSecOps in the software development lifecycle, including why you need it and best practices for incorporating it. Now we’ve gone beyond abstract discussions to build a comprehensive training course to help you achieve more secure processes around the app development lifecycle.

We are excited to introduce the rollout of our all-new DevSecOps course. It includes 15 lessons and 11 articles and covers all five phases of the application development cycle – Pre-Development, Development, Testing, Deployment, and Ongoing Maintenance. The new course offers training opportunities for all roles in the DevSecOps realm, including development, security, and operations.

Creation of these new lessons was prompted by increasing customer need to train more than just developers in application security. Customers wanted to incorporate not only operations but IT security into the training, too. Customers asked, we listened.

One of the most influential requests came from the United States Airforce who turned to HackEDU for a solution to add secure coding and DevSecOps training materials to their Digital University training platform.

Our new DevSevOps course includes:

DevSevOps Courses

The courses offer a combination of hands-on coding lessons (denoted in green) and text-based articles. Together they provide both foundational knowledge and experiential learning opportunities. This approach ensures that learners stay engaged and increase their knowledge throughout the entire course.

You won’t find tests in the DevSecOps lessons, which makes these lessons unique among our catalog. Instead, each interactive lesson includes a terminal environment for the sandbox. This allows learners to execute the lesson activities on dedicated test servers unique to each lesson. Docker commands are also permitted in each Docker lesson, something few other offerings provide.

The lessons are language agnostic and include prescriptive directions. No matter what programming languages are used by a team, all DevSecOps lessons can be applied to any development environment.
The DevSecOps course is also customizable, meaning learning administrators can pick and choose those lessons and articles most applicable for their environment. Learners only see the materials assigned to them and nothing more. This streamlines the learning process and reduces the management workload for administrators.

To learn more about our new DevSecOps lessons, schedule a demo today.