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Topic: Devsecops

DevSecOps Secure SDLC Shift Left

How do you Train Developers in Secure SDLC Practices?

  As the threat environment grows more serious, applications have become a more vulnerable part of the overall attack surface. To mitigate application-level risk exposure, it is necessary...

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DevSecOps threat modeling

What is Threat Modeling? (practical guide + threat modeling template)

  Note: You can use our free Threat Modeling template to make it easier to follow along. Simply make a copy or download the template, which is located on Google Drive. Introduction Threat...

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DevSecOps definitions Introduction

What Are Git Hooks?

Hooks are scripts that run at different steps during the commit process. They are completely customizable and will trigger events at key points during the development life cycle. Some...

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Secure Coding Training DevSecOps Shift Left

How Secure Coding Training Fits Into The Shift Left Movement

  In the past, security was not seen as a priority during the development process.  Often, developers would only perform vulnerability scans and security audits as part of the testing...

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DevSecOps Secure SDLC

How to Add Automation into a Secure SDLC

  How to Add Automated Operations into a Seamless Secure Coding Practices Workflow Many software and app companies have looked to automated operations to create a more streamlined and...

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Secure Coding Training DevSecOps

HackEDU Adaptive Training Plans

Integrate SAST/DAST and Bug Bounty programs to provide targeted and timely training   HackEDU integrates with the most popular SAST and DAST tools, bug bounty platforms, SCA tools, code...

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software security Application Security DevSecOps

Same-Origin Policy And Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Introduction Modern web browsers provide many built-in security mechanisms to defend against attackers. Same-origin policy, Cookie Policy, Content Security Policy, browser sandbox, and XSS...

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Application Security DevSecOps

DevSecOps Best Practices

You’ve decided to integrate DevSecOps into your software development operations. That’s an important first step to improving your product’s overall security by including it into the...

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Application Security DevSecOps

What Is DevSecOps?

DevOps, that combination of software development and IT operations, is designed to improve the development life cycle, getting software to market quicker and improve overall deployment. But...

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