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Here you’ll find the latest news, information, and trends in application security and compliance, plus tips and strategies for writing safer code and building a security culture.

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    Learn About ‘Application Security (5)’

    Finding Vulnerabilities:  Differences among Vulnerability Scanning, Pen Testing, Bug Bounty, Red Team and Purple Team Compared

    When designing systems to be impervious to outside activity, you should always aim to be at least two steps ahead of your adversaries. Whatever it is that you want to protect, whether it’s a physical...

    How to Add Automation into a Secure SDLC

    Many software and app companies have looked to automated operations to create a more streamlined and efficient development process. Adding the right tools to CI/CD workflows can save developers time and alleviate some of the burden of manual work. In DevSecOps, these tools automatically search for vulnerabilities, raise a flag when they find them, and provide information about how to fix them.