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Software Developer Accountability

Software Developer Accountability

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Many of our customers have used other secure development training in the past. One of the biggest complaints we hear is that developers just click through the slides or fast forward the videos and don’t really pay attention. The first, and main, issue is that the content is just not engaging enough for developers. That is why we focus on hands-on training that has high engagement so developers enjoy going through the content. You can learn more about our training here:

The second issue with developers clicking through content with other training courses is that there are no barriers to passing the course. Some training does have multiple choice tests. But how can you expect to test software developers if they aren’t coding? You can’t, and that is why HackEDU has added accountability to our Secure Development Training. Software developers need to write code at the end of most lessons to fix vulnerabilities. They will not be able to pass the lesson unless they have correctly fixed the vulnerabilities. This helps ensure accountability.

How does it work?

Each of HackEDU’s lessons have a sandbox application with an OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities. The software developer first explores the vulnerability to understand how attackers are looking at their applications. Next the developer exploits the vulnerability in order to understand the impact of these vulnerabilities. And lastly, the developer selects the software language of their choice to see the vulnerable code running in the application. The software developer has to fix the vulnerability based on what they learn in the lesson. They can submit the fix to the running sandbox application in real-time to ensure that the vulnerability is no longer exploitable. Once the developer has successfully fixed the code it is submitted to be tested in real-time. If successfully completed the developer can move on to the next lesson.

HackEDU is focused on creating the highest engagement training on the market. However, some software developers still need added accountability and HackEDU provides it. The vulnerable code fixes adds accountability in a way that is comfortable for developers.