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Securing the Future: Why Education is Key in Application Security

Why Education is Key in Application Security

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The International Day of Education celebrated on January 24th, serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative potential of knowledge. Let's focus on a crucial area where education can be a game-changer: application security. 

The benefits of investing in application security education are far-reaching. By building a security-conscious workforce, we can: 

  • Reduce the risk of costly data breaches and cyberattacks 
  • Protect sensitive user data and maintain consumer trust 
  • Enhance the overall quality and reliability of software 

In 2024, applications are the lifeblood of our businesses and societies. They power everything from online banking to medical records, critical infrastructure, and daily entertainment. Yet, with great power comes great responsibility. Insecure applications are gaping vulnerabilities, exposing sensitive data and systems to cyberattacks. 

The statistics paint a sobering picture. A recent study, conducted independently by Ponemon Institute and sponsored and published by Security Journey, reveals that: 

  •  47% of organizations are blaming these challenges of remediating vulnerabilities in production on a lack of qualified personnel 
  •  Only 20% of respondents were confident in their ability to detect a vulnerability before an application is released 
  • Over 60% struggle to remediate vulnerabilities effectively 

Download The Study on Secure Coding Training Here 

These alarming figures highlight the critical need for a proactive approach to application security. Education is the cornerstone of this approach. 


Bridging the Security and Development Divide 

Traditionally, application security has been viewed as a siloed responsibility, often relegated to specialized security teams. In fact, 51% of those surveyed blamed silo and turf issues for significant delays in vulnerability patching. However, this reactive approach is no longer viable.  

With the right approach and collaboration, security and development teams can work together seamlessly to ensure that all bases are covered and nothing falls through the cracks. It's all about communication, collaboration, and creating secure applications. 

By opening up communication and understanding between the two teams, you can shift left your development lifecycle and create more prosperous, safe applications. 


Choosing The Right Education For Your SDLC 

Security must be considered throughout the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) in today's dynamic development landscape. 

This is where education plays a pivotal role.  

We can foster a culture of security awareness and responsibility by equipping developers, testers, and all SDLC members with the necessary knowledge and skills. Most training for non-developers will be video-based with knowledge assessments. Still, it’s important to note that not all AppSec training vendors have non-developer content within their library.  

Here are some AppSec training topics to consider for non-developers:  

  • Core Security Concepts 
  • AppSec Risk Management 
  • OWASP Top 10  
  • Threat Modeling 
  • Secure Design Principles  

For developers, effective application security education should cover theoretical concepts and offer practical, hands-on experience in implementing secure code. According to research conducted by Ponemon, only 11% of organizations believe they can patch vulnerabilities effectively and promptly. Providing developers with secure coding training through hands-on training is crucial to prevent and fix vulnerabilities. 

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Application Security Education for Building a Safer Digital Future 

On this International Day of Education, let's commit to prioritizing application security education. Let's empower developers, testers, and all individuals involved in the software development process with the knowledge and skills they need to build secure and resilient applications. Investing in education today can secure a safer and more prosperous digital future for all. 

Remember, a secure future starts with a secure present. Let's make application security education a cornerstone of building a better tomorrow.