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3 Reasons Why Homegrown Secure Coding Training Falls Short

3 Reasons Why Homegrown Secure Coding Training Falls Short

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With the growing need for secure coding practices, many organizations consider homegrown training a cost-effective and tailored solution. However, while it may seem attractive, homegrown training falls short in crucial areas, leaving your organization vulnerable.

In this article, we will discuss why homegrown secure coding training may not be the best option for organizations and how partnering with a trusted organization such as Security Journey can help to ensure a successful, secure coding training program.


The Disadvantages of Homegrown Training

Having in-house training professionals for a secure coding training program can be extremely beneficial. However, it is important to note that these individuals may not necessarily be experts in developing specialized content from scratch despite their expertise in facilitating training. In this context, it is essential to consider the drawbacks of creating training content in-house.


Lack of Expertise in Secure Coding Training

One significant drawback of homegrown training is the lack of expertise of the training content creator. An internal training professional may be an expert in learning science principles, but they are likely not application security experts.

This can lead to missing training content or pulling in application security experts to assist. AppSec experts who work in-house already have a heavy workload, and asking them to create training content not only interrupts their daily duties but also limits their educational opportunities.

As the field of cybersecurity is constantly evolving with new threats and vulnerabilities, adopting a DIY approach in-house could lead to inaccurate or outdated information. In addition, with new regulations, there is no guarantee that the training material will remain industry-standard or best practice over the long term.


Incomplete Secure Coding Training Curriculum

Another concern with in-house training programs is that the curriculum may be incomplete. This is particularly problematic for specialized training, such as secure coding training, which requires a lot of information to be taught.

If the training is created by individuals who are not security experts, there is a risk of neglecting important coding security principles and vulnerabilities. The industry has a diverse landscape of programming languages, frameworks, and technologies, and it’s nearly impossible for an internal team to create training across all these topics.


Inconsistent Secure Coding Training Delivery

Inconsistent delivery is a significant issue with homegrown training that can hinder widespread adoption within the organization. Training quality can vary depending on internal instructors' knowledge and experience, and it can be challenging to maintain program consistency and engagement.

Secure coding training can be delivered through various methods, such as videos and presentations. However, hands-on practice is crucial for true adoption and expertise. Apart from practical training, organizations have achieved success by organizing events such as tournaments or capture-the-flag events. The implementation of these training modalities requires software and expertise.



How Security Journey is the Answer

Security is a major concern for organizations of all sizes. To help address this issue, Security Journey offers a comprehensive and effective secure coding training program. With Security Journey, you can improve your organization's security posture and meet your application security needs.

Let's look at how Security Journey can help address your secure coding training challenges.


Expertly Crafted Secure Coding Training Content

Collaborating with industry experts is essential when implementing secure coding training in your organization. Security Journey provides a comprehensive curriculum developed by industry experts and aligns with best practices and standards.

Security Journey has a team of specialists with diverse skills who are experts in developing training content for various languages, frameworks, and technologies. Let your team create training content for everyone within your SDLC without pulling your employees away from their work priorities.


Comprehensive Application Security Curriculum

Security Journey is committed to keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in the cybersecurity industry, including OWASP, regulations, and trends that developers should be aware of but may not have the time to research on their own. Their team of experts continuously updates the content, ensuring that learners have access to the most recent information.

The platform offers various types of content, such as conversational videos, hands-on training, and interactive tournaments and quests. These modalities are designed to engage learners and help them retain the information better. The platform's engaging nature ensures that learners fully engage with their training and learn in a way that suits them best.


Proven Secure Coding Training Results

Security Journey has proven results, with case studies and testimonials showcasing tangible improvements in security posture, measurable reduction in vulnerabilities and attack risks, and increased developer awareness and adoption of secure coding practices.

Zoom, a fast-growing video conferencing company, needed a secure coding training partner for their engineering team to support new features, integrations, and capabilities. Using Security Journey's AppSec Education Platform, Zoom saw an immediate return on investment when developers proactively returned to previously completed code and addressed vulnerabilities they had learned about in their training.

Read The Full Zoom Case Study Here


Find The Right Partnership For Success

Prioritizing secure coding training is essential for any organization to prevent cyberattacks and data breaches, but finding the proper training is crucial. Security Journey offers a cost-effective and comprehensive solution to secure coding practices. If you're interested in learning more, start by trying our training today to experience the platform firsthand.