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Administrative Dashboard

The HackEDU Teams Dashboard makes it easy to manage and monitor your organization's training.


See Your Team's Progress

Get a quick snapshot of how your team's traning is going.


Individual Progress Reports

See how individual developers are progressing, and which lessons they've completed.


View & Evaluate Submitted Code

Look at the approach your developers are taking with their code fixes.


Generate Reports and Certificates

Generate proof that your developers have completed secure coding training for compliance purposes, including PCI-DSS, NIST 800-53 and HIPAA/HITRUST.


Evaluate Mastery

Evaluate how well your developers are doing in different categories of vulnerabilties and identify who may need attention in certain areas.


Create a Training Plan

Schedule your training based on your team's needs, and developers receive email reminders based on their progress.


Setup Single Sign On

Setup SSO to simplify your onboarding and authentication process.



Setup Teams of users to custom-tailor training to each team's needs. Not everyone needs to be assigned the same training!

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