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CRS and an Abstraction Layer (S04E02)

Christian Folini joins Chris at AppSec EU for this episode about ModSecurity and the Core Rule Set project from OWASP. They dive into the timeline for the abstraction layer piece of the project and much [...]

Reaching new people with #AppSec, explaining the details,
and leaving the echo chamber in the dust.

Keep updated on all things application security.

Explain the details

We explain the details of application security in a way that someone new to the discipline can understand. We strive to break out of the security echo chamber and provide content that is relevant to real people that design, build, and test stuff.

Speak about

When we aren’t speaking of foundational application security topics or focusing on cool OWASP projects, we interview successful people in the application security world and decompose what makes them successful. If we hear an interesting conference presentation on a topic, we invite the speaker as a guest and have them break down the topic in 30 minutes.

Cut through the boundaries and have fun

We cut through any boundaries that exist in #AppSec and are not afraid to talk about any type of technology and the role of security in making things tick. And we might even laugh and have fun EVERY episode.

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Meet the creative minds behind the AppSec Podcasts.

Chris Romeo

Co-Host of AppSec Podcast

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Robert Hurlbut

Co-Host of AppSec Podcast

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Daniel Romeo

Daniel Romeo

Producer of AppSec Podcast

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What People Say

“The AppSec PodCast delivers deep dives into some of the most core security topics, focused around Application Security and Security Deployment.”

Jon McCoy, @thejonmccoy

“The AppSec Podcast brings quality interviews from within the security community. Good interviews are more than asking a few questions. Good interviews are about guiding the conversation in a direction that will appeal to the audience and to bring out the best side of the interview partner. Chris Romeo and Robert Hurlbut are masters of this trade.”

Christian Folini, @chrfolini

“In my work as a security professional, the AppSec PodCast is an extremely valuable source of information in the different domains of application security. I highly recommend this content to help you better manage and control your #AppSec challenges!”

Jussi Virtanen, @juzzuf

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