The journey to building a security culture starts with a simplified approach to training.

Creating an ingrained security culture that engages employees at every level is critical to protecting data and minimizing vulnerabilities.

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Security training that is adaptable, entertaining, and widely relevant? We've got it.

The Security Journey platform delivers successful adoption with engaging lessons that help organically build a security culture. Created by developers for developers, we teach best practices and defensive tactics for application and product security to your entire team, regardless of their experience. Our SaaS solution enables dynamic software security education through proprietary training and multi-year belt program. We emphasize real-world application through code-based experiments and activity-based achievements. Plus, the program is easily scalable without significant impact to administrative overhead.

Conversational and Comprehensive

Don’t expect a lecture. Do expect exchanges between renowned security experts about the topics that matter. 

Vetted and Verified

Our content is created by the best security minds - active influencers and thought leaders in the industry.

Efficient and Effective

Everyone’s time is valuable, so our modules are only 10-20 minutes long. They’re engaging, never boring and make security training fun.

We help our clients build better security cultures.
We can help you too.

We work hard to make our program adaptable to the needs of our individual clients. Here’s what a few have to say about their Security Journey experiences.
“We love working with the Security Journey team. They have built a product that is easy to use and actually engages our development community in education. I would recommend Security Journey to anyone looking to invest in the security culture of their company.”
Craig Gregory,
CISO, Cutover
“Through their innovative approach, Security Journey gave us the flexibility to deliver world class content across our entire organization, plus their cloud-based platform provides great tracking on every developer’s progress through the program.”
Mark Willis
CISO, Bluescape
“AppSec is a strategic priority for us. We wanted to find a new approach to training that would benefit more than our developers - so that everyone was 'speaking the same language'. We've received positive feedback on the training content and delivery from members of our organization and are thrilled with the positive signs we are seeing after using this security training product for just a short time.”
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Sr. Director
InfoSec Awareness
Chris Smith form MassMutual
“Our software security education program enables our developers and IT personnel to create the highest quality applications that are designed to protect our customers and the ones they love. Educated developers are empowered personnel who avoid wasteful efforts on SDLC defect remediation by understanding and applying best practice secure coding and design. This enables our teams to focus on innovation and growth to support our business objectives..”
Chris Smith,
Information Security Director, MassMutual
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