The Top 9 Threats to Smart Contracts

Chris Romeo
CEO & Co-Founder

The Top 9 Threats to Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are programs running on the blockchain that execute agreements between parties with specific parameters attached. Understanding the threats to smart contracts is vital to staying secure.

Consider these facts. Crypto theft increased 66% from 2020 to 2021; totaling $14 billion. Plus, in November 2021, MonoX Finance lost $31 million to a hacker exploiting a bug in their smart contract. Once implemented on the blockchain, smart contracts and their security vulnerabilities exist permanently - making complete security essential.

During this LIVE webinar, Mike and Chris will dive into smart contract risks by:

  1. Identifying the threats you need to know
  2. Defining what makes them so high-risk
  3. Detailing how they work

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