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Security Journey Training Platform

Training for your entire SDLC team

Our programmatic approach, based on learning-science principles, delivers five fully-customizable paths that give all learners a foundation of security knowledge and developers the tools and skills to become security champions

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The Security Journey platform

The Complete Package to Train Everyone In the SDLC

Training Content

A Programmatic Approach

Customize a multi-year program that delivers long-term, sustainable, and proven improvements to security knowledge and practice.
Training Automation

Satisfy All Learning Styles

Each lesson offers content in both text and conversational video format, giving every learner a choice based on their preferred learning style.

Easy Administration, Streamlined Adoption

Use your logo, name your levels, curate learning paths with the precise lessons your learners need to capture interest and ensure completion.
Engagement Tools

Gamify the Learning Process

Make training fun and keep learners engaged with interactive levels, friendly competitions, missions, celebration animations, and more!

Security Journey Training Content

Five Levels of Learning

Two core learning paths give all learners the foundation for understanding and applying security concepts to their daily work. Three advanced learning paths offer developers in-depth security knowledge and the skills needed to become security champions.

All fully customizable to match your organization's persona.

  • White Belt Learning Path Learn foundational vocabulary and core concepts of application security
  • Yellow Belt Learning Path Gain in-depth knowledge of security principles, attacks, tools, and processes
  • Green Belt Learning Path Complete language and technology focused AppSec lessons and hands-on experiments
  • Brown Belt Learning Path

    Take the first steps to become a security champion via research and leadership opportunities

  • Black Belt Learning Path

    Demonstrate security champion status by creating useable application security resources

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