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HackEDU Training Platform

Help your developers stay engaged, improve their skills, and reduce the number of vulnerabilities in their code

Our platform is designed to make setting up targeted, relevant secure coding training programs easy. Whether you have a team of 10 developers or 1,000.

Trusted by 450+ Companies, From Startups to Fortune 5

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The HackEDU platform

Everything You Need For a Continuous Training Program That IMPROVES Application Security

From training plans you can launch immediately to incentives that drive engagement. From automated communications to training content optimized for retention.

HackEDU Platform Content

Training Content

Help developers learn how to create applications that are resilient against cyber attacks.
HackEDU Platform Automation

Training Automation

The easiest way to create and manage learning plans. Without wasting you and your team’s time.
HackEDU Platform Reporting


Know how everyone across your organization is doing. At a glance.
HackEDU Platform Tools

Engagement Tools

Help your teams stay engaged and make secure coding training a habit.

HackEDU Training Content

Help Developers Learn How to Code Applications That Are Resilient Against Cyber Attacks

Lessons on hundreds of topics. 12+ software languages.
Everything you need to run a multi-year training program.

HackEDU Content
  • Content Optimized for Engagement & Long-Term Retention HackEDU training relies on adult learning science principles to make every lesson count. From keeping lessons short and digestible to adding learn-by-coding assignments.
  • Combines Assignments, Challenges, & Additional Resources Combining lessons with live sandbox assignments makes implementation an integral part of learning. Coding and hacking challenges help reinforce new skills.
  • Pre-Set Courses For In-Demand Topics Set up a course for new employee training within minutes. Pre-set courses cover topics from OWASP Top 10 to PCI compliance, and more.

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No pressure. No hard pitch. No catches.

See how we can help transform your application security efforts with training that developers enjoy taking.

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HackEDU Training Automation Features

The Easiest Way to Create & Manage Training Plans
with Timely & Relevant Content

Without making platform administration your full-time job

HackEDU Automation
  • Easy-to-Deploy Training Plans Use our default training plan library. Or customize team training to target specific topics your developers need.
  • Communication Automation Send out training reminders via email or Slack, without adding hours of admin to your workload.
  • API Integration Set up an integration with your LMS and have access to all training data in one place, without losing sight of important details.
  • Integration with AppSecTools Generate training plans based on actual vulnerabilities in your app and developers’ past performance.

Case Study

Hours less time spent actively managing, tracking and reporting training completion

SOC2 compliance training implementation

Before HackEDU, administrators were spending tens of hours every year manually managing, tracking and reporting on training to meet the compliance requirements. The quality of metrics that they were tracking was very rudimentary, and didn’t provide detailed insight into developers’ abilities.

With HackEDU: administrative platform makes it easy to track the progress that developers have made on training, and to automatically send reminders to developers to complete their training. The reporting provides clear insights not only on which lessons developers have completed, but also about their level of proficiency in each.

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No pressure. No hard pitch. No catches.

See how we can help transform your application security efforts with training that developers enjoy taking.

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HackEDU Engagement Tools

Help Your Teams Stay Engaged & Make
Secure Coding Training a Habit

Software developers are under more pressure than ever to ship code faster.
Because of that, they may need incentives to prioritize completing secure coding training on time. The HackEDU platform has several options to make this happen.

HackEDU Rewards
  • GitHub Training Check When email reminders and Slack notifications don’t work, this may help. (Think of this as your last-resort, we-really-mean-it option.)

Case Study

Increased developer engagement and better coding practices to eliminate vulnerabilities

PCI DSS Requirement 6.5 secure coding training

“While all the developers had completed their video-based secure coding training, there were patterns in their coding practices that really concerned the company. … Traction Guest selected HackEDU as the partner to help them solve the problem of providing secure coding training that was engaging, and that would help them easily show that they’d met their compliance requirements.”

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No pressure. No hard pitch. No catches.

See how we can help transform your application security efforts with training that developers enjoy taking.

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HackEDU Reporting

Know How Everyone Across Your Organization is Doing. At a Glance.

Easily track developers’ progress, performance, and communications. And more.

HackEDU Reporting
  • Team & Individual reports View each team member’s performance and know when to jump in to help (or to recognize achievements)
  • Training certificates Automatically generate Training Certificates for compliance courses to save you time
  • Impact Report Measure the impact of secure development training on application security.
Vulnerabilites photo_platform-training-auto

81% of Vulnerabilities Found & Fixed Correctly

↑ (Up from just 14%)

“Before training, the developers averaged a total score of 19% and found & fixed an average of just 14% of the vulnerabilities. 58% of developers were unable to successfully find & fix just one vulnerability.

After the training and approximately 9 months after the initial assessment the developers were given another assessment. This time the average score was 85%, up from just 19%, and the developers found 81% of the vulnerabilities.”

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No pressure. No hard pitch. No catches.

See how we can help transform your application security efforts with training that developers enjoy taking.

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The HackEDU Platform for Administrators

Impactful Training that's Easy to Manage.

Set up and run multiple trainings in a format that
matches your company's goals and culture

HackEDU Learner Management

Learner Management and Authentication

  • Add learners using their emails or via a .csv or .xls file
  • Organize developers into teams for relevant comparisons
  • Set up an SSO authentication using SAML 2.0
HackEDU User Roles

User Roles and Permissions

  • Super Admin has visibility and management capabilities across all teams and training plans
  • Team Admin can keep track of just their team and their training progress and results
  • Learner can only see their assignments, progress and results
HackEDU Privacy

Data Privacy and Security

  • We comply with data privacy laws, including GDPR and CCPA
  • In addition, we use a strong data minimization policy and do not collect any personally identifiable information from users other than their email address

Use Cases for HackEDU Secure Coding Training Platform

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Learn how you can meet compliance requirements with our HackEDU Secure Coding Training Platform