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Chris Romeo
Chris Romeo
CEO & Co-Founder

Chris and Robert deconstruct world-class Application Security experts, digging deep to find the tools, tactics, projects, and tricks that make them successful. Each episode begins with the guest's security origin story or how they got started in Application Security. Topics range from DevOps+security, secure coding, OWASP, threat modeling, security culture, and anything else they can think of regarding application security. Access the full catalog of episodes here.

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Explain the details

We explain the details of application security in a way that someone new to the discipline can understand. We strive to break out of the security echo chamber and provide content that is relevant to real people that design, build, and test stuff.


We discuss foundational application security, cool OWASP happenings, and interview successful people in the application security world and decompose what makes them successful. We invite interesting conference speakers to break down a topic in 30 minutes.

Have fun

We cut through any boundaries that exist in #AppSec and are not afraid to talk about any type of technology and the role of security in making things tick. And we laugh and have fun EVERY episode.

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