DevOps security culture: 12 fails your team can learn from

Will DevOps and DevSecOps still be relevant in 50 years? Today's DevOps technology will be long gone, but some cultural pieces may still be around. My best guess on the part of DevOps that will still exist: DevOps security culture.

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6 ways to develop a security culture from top to bottom

Of course, every organization has a security culture. If they say they don’t, they are either lying or afraid to admit they have a bad security culture. The good news is that any security culture can positively change how the organization approaches security. But culture change takes time, so don’t expect your members of your organization to overnight become pen-testing Ninjas that write secure code while they sleep. With the right process and attitude, you’ll get there.

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Correct answers in our security belt programs

I've been working on Security belt programs for 10+ years. I've had the privilege to help build the Cisco Security Ninja program. I'm also continuing to develop our security belt platform at Security Journey. I've created over 500 pieces of learning content. I've created material and the assessment questions that go with it.

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The carrot and the stick: Security rewards and recognition

How do you incentivize people to participate in your security program? Are you using a carrot or a stick? Security rewards and recognition are crucial for the success of your security belt program.A security belt program is a level-based, achievement-oriented security educational experience. By creating a program with multiple levels, you provide your learners with the opportunity to make their way through the “journey.”

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What I learned in Year Four of MY "Security Journey.”​

2019 was quite a year for Security Journey, as we added additional team members, and are about to double the size of our sales staff. I've recounted a startup adage I've heard a few times from different places: with startups, you get the highest highs and the lowest lows. What nobody tells you when you start is that sometimes they happen on the same day.

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What I learned in Year Three of MY "Security Journey"​

Startups are challenging. They push you to the edge and back. I'm proud to say that Security Journey is continuing to grow as we complete our third year, and look into our fourth. We hired our first employee a few months back, to focus on sales. We are looking for a primary Senior Security Learning Consultant to help us deliver on our content roadmap for 2019. Our customer reach continues to grow.

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What I Learned in Year Two of MY "Security Journey"

I'm two years into Security Journey as Co-Founder and CEO. We've already beaten the odds by surviving our first and second birthdays, for which I am very thankful. This has been a year of new product releases, customers, connections, and lessons learned. We are still bootstrapping our product development efforts and learning on the fly.

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