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We Made Some Major Improvements To Our Training

We Made Some Major Improvements To Our Training

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We constantly strive to improve our secure coding training platform, and as part of that effort, we pay close attention to the feedback that everyone who uses our product provides us. Today, we’re rolling out some significant changes that are in direct response to our customers’ input. Everyone who uses our platform should expect to see improvements to the user interface (UI), user experience (UX), and content over the next day or two. We’ll be introducing the updates gradually across our training modules, starting with the OWASP Top 10, with the other changes happening over the next few weeks.

These changes represent a lot of engineering effort, but we prioritized them for the following reasons:

  • A better UI = less distraction and reduced cognitive load on the person taking the training, which results in a higher capacity to learn the material
  • More, and clearer feedback = a better user experience and enhanced comprehension of the material
  • Improved content = a better experience for the person taking the training, and a higher level of understanding of the topic

Combined, these changes result in a better training experience, improved levels of secure coding knowledge, and ultimately, better application security.

If you’re a customer of ours and have provided us with feedback to help us improve our product, we thank you. We hope that you’ll continue doing so, and we promise to continue paying attention. 

If you’re not a current customer and are curious about how contemporary secure coding training is better than what you’ve seen in the past, schedule a conversation with someone from our team.