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Topic: Shift Left

DevSecOps Secure SDLC Shift Left

How do you Train Developers in Secure SDLC Practices?

  As the threat environment grows more serious, applications have become a more vulnerable part of the overall attack surface. To mitigate application-level risk exposure, it is necessary...

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Application Security Security Champion Shift Left

How Security Champions Help Improve Application Security

  Application security is a major concern for many organizations.  In 2020, over 23,000 new vulnerabilities were discovered and publicly reported in production applications.  On average,...

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Secure Coding Training DevSecOps Shift Left

How Secure Coding Training Fits Into The Shift Left Movement

  In the past, security was not seen as a priority during the development process.  Often, developers would only perform vulnerability scans and security audits as part of the testing...

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Secure SDLC Shift Left How To

How to Shift Left and Increase Long-Term Efficiency

  In software development, issues become more time-consuming and more expensive the longer it takes to find and fix them. Find defects too late in the development cycle, and you could...

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