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Security Journey Attains SOC 2 Type II Compliance Setting Industry Benchmark

Security Journey Attains SOC 2 Type II Compliance Setting Industry Benchmark

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Pittsburgh, PA – August 22, 2023Security Journey, a leading secure coding training provider, announces its achievement of SOC 2 Type II compliance, marking a significant milestone for the company and the secure coding training industry. This accomplishment establishes Security Journey as one of the first pure-play secure coding training providers to achieve this rigorous standard. 

Conducted in alignment with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) standards for SOC for Service Organizations, also known as SSAE 18, Security Journey's SOC 2 Type II compliance demonstrates a steadfast commitment to safeguarding customer data. The attainment of this standard underscores the company's dedication to delivering enterprise-level security. 

A key player in security education, Security Journey provides a secure coding training platform that offers a true educational approach to training developers, which includes both fundamental concepts, deep technical explanation, and more than 400 lessons in which developers can truly write code to apply their learned concepts. The company's focus on ensuring robust security and compliance has been rigorously assessed through an audit conducted by Prescient Assurance, a globally recognized leader in security and compliance attestation for B2B and SAAS companies.  

Underpinning this achievement is Security Journey's continued commitment to secure coding principles that guide the development and deployment of its products and services. These principles also help their customers establish and instill a security-conscious mindset. ‘Security Journey's SOC 2 Type II compliance attests to the company’s dedication to maintaining the highest standard of security and compliance that enterprises expect from their providers,’ said Joe Ferrara, CEO at Security Journey. ‘So many of our customers must meet this standard, and we know it is important to follow the same security rigor that our customers adhere to.’ 

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About Security Journey   

Security Journey helps enterprises reduce vulnerabilities through application security education for developers and everyone in the SDLC. Their programmatic approach provides a large library of video-based lessons with text summaries along with hands-on secure coding lessons in application sandboxes. All culminating in a collective security-first culture among development teams.  

HackEDU’s spring 2022 acquisition of Security Journey brought together two powerful companies to provide application security education for developers and the entire SDLC team. Over 450 companies around the world are teaching their teams how to build safer apps using Security Journey. Learn more and try our training at 

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