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Measuring the ROI of AppSec Training [INFOGRAPHIC]

Measuring the ROI of AppSec Training [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Measuring the return on investment is key for any project within an organization – and while application security is critical to the safety of a business, we still need to show the ROI as well. 

Security Journey provides engaging and effective AppSec training to developers and all members of the SDLC.  Our team works with organizations across the globe to reach their compliance and security goals. 

This infographic breaks down the ROI of AppSec training for an organization with the calculations. 

Click Here To Download This Infographic 

SecurityJourney_Infographic_AppSecROI (3)


Click Here To Download This Infographic 


Can You Reach Your AppSec Goals While Staying on Budget? 

This calculation shows that AppSec Education has almost 1.5x ROI, assuming you can prevent the same 29-30% of vulnerabilities you would want to remediate each year. 

So not only are you preventing vulnerabilities and reducing exposure – your AppSec Training Program is paying for itself. This calculation doesn't account for the organization's risk reduction by preventing vulnerabilities, reducing the overall attack surface, and the value of protecting your and your customer's data – which only add to the value of a solid AppSec Training Program.  

Are you ready to calculate the ROI for AppSec Training at your organization? You can contact our team today to learn more or jump into our portal and try our AppSec training for yourself.