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Introducing The Odyssey Group

Introducing The Odyssey Group

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The team at Security Journey introduces The Odyssey Group, a customer collaboration community. This community is designed to foster collaboration among product administrators, enabling them to share success stories and stay up-to-date with the latest updates on our AppSec Education Platform. 

Participants of The Odyssey Group will have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded, AppSec professionals along with some other benefits, including: 

  • Review Security Journey’s near-term roadmap with product experts 
  • Share customer best practices for driving learner adoption 
  • First look at Security Journey’s pre-release features 
  • Opportunities to share feedback on product updates and features 
  • Provide input on how we can support your AppSec education programs 

In addition to providing feedback on the Security Journey Platform and gaining insights on AppSec education best practices, you will also have exclusive access to product and industry experts for interactive Q&A sessions. 


Why The Odyssey Group? 

Odyssey [ˈädəsē] 

  1. A long journey full of adventures  
  1. A series of experiences that give knowledge or understanding to someone 

“We thought this was the perfect name for our customer community – we are all together on this journey of driving knowledge to build safer applications,” says Amy Baker, CMO at Security Journey. 


The Odyssey Group will meet every other month; the first meeting is a webinar on June 20 at 1 pm ET. Learn about our recent new product features and training lessons, future roadmap, and hear how our best customers drive training adoption. Contact your customer success manager for more information.