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Introducing Our New UI: A Simplified Experience to Enhance Learner Engagement

Security Journey UI

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We’re constantly evolving at Security Journey. 

Our goal is to keep delivering the best experience for learners, so they can keep creating the most secure code possible. We know that the learner experience when using our tools is as important as the leading-edge content we deliver. After all, a positive experience boosts learner engagement and engagement is critical to learner success.

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce our all-new user interface. 

The new look and feel delivers a streamlined, modern approach that puts key information at a learner’s fingertips. We’ve consolidated drop-down menus and ensured that learners can easily find and complete the next lesson in their assignment.

Learners and administrators alike will find a smoother and more intuitive experience on the Security Journey platform, beginning this month.

Security Journey UI - map

For Learners

Our upgraded learner experience includes:

Guide View

A new guide option on the left of the map screen replaces the previous List View and Path drop down menu. This change makes it easier for learners to navigate across the platform, and quickly see the completion status and jump to any lesson in their current path.

Security Journey UI

Learners will also be able to tell at a glance their current belt status among all the belts on the platform. This helps them visualize future progress, as they can easily identify where they’ve been, where they are now, and where they’re going next.

Security Journey UI

Banner and Pop-Up Screens

A new banner menu is prominently displayed at the top of map view and replaces previous drop-down menu functionality. The banner allows learners to quickly move to the most popular system features, including the full catalog mode with search option, leaderboards, achievement walls, and learner notes.

Security Journey UI

New functionality also includes pop-up windows for each banner selection, eliminating the need for learners to navigate backwards to return to the map view. Instead, they can just close the pop-up window and resume their previous map activity. This makes it easier for learners to continue their training session with minimal interruption.

Security Journey UI - account management

Progress Tracking

We’ve enhanced the learner’s ability to quickly see their personal progress and achievements in map view. Directly above the map, learners will now see boxes that identify how many lessons they’ve completed, points earned, and the number of pending assignments they have.

Security Journey UI

Additionally, the leaderboard now includes a column for Weekly Streak, which indicates the number of lessons a learner has completed this week. We've also added a column indicating how many points a learner has earned in the past 30 days. Both new columns and the existing Total Points column are sortable as well.

The learner’s next available lesson is also displayed with a flashing icon on the map itself, making it easy for them to see where to go next. This animated feature helps keep learners engaged in their learning path and propels them forward.

Security Journey UI

Lesson Screen

The refreshed lesson screen moves interactions such as lesson/assessment, notes, and resources to the left in their own containers. The toggle for video, summary (formerly transcripts) and both mode remains on the right. A new X icon in the upper right replaces the slide in banner and makes it easy to quickly return to the map.

Security Journey Video Lesson

For Administrators

Learning system administrators also benefit from our enhanced interface design.

Improved Alerts

Admin alerts and system alerts are now consolidated into a single communications channel. Admins can see all messages in one spot, streamlining their communications and system management.

Security Journey UI Alert

Increased Learner Engagement

Increased learner engagement means less administrative chasing and follow up for those responsible for managing learner progress. 

Forget the carrot and the stick. You won’t have to choose either one. The new UI makes it easy and fun for learners to move themselves through the system with minimal admin intervention.

We hope you love these new improvements as much as we do. For a full list of all changes, be sure to check out the release notes and knowledge base articles. Plus, a new in-app tour walks users through all the updates.