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Secure Development Training Offers Innovative Approach for Fixing Vulnerable Software

New secure coding feature enables live software patching in multiple languages.

With the release of a new feature enhancing their online, interactive Secure Development Training, HackEDU is now the only company to let developers correct vulnerable code in multiple languages (Go, Python, Java, etc.) then instantly test if the vulnerability still exists in the running application. For the cybersecurity industry, this has the potential to revolutionize how companies defend against security vulnerabilities, as HackEDU's training with the new feature is both more effective and cost-efficient in preventing security issues.

Thirty percent (30%) of data breaches in 2017 took advantage of software vulnerabilities and weaknesses, costing companies on average $3.6 million per security breach. Many companies address security issues by neglecting security training or by adopting defensive-only training approaches. However, HackEDU's Secure Development Training uses hands-on, offensive-based training and provides real environments for developers to learn how to find a vulnerability, exploit the vulnerability to gain a deep understanding the impact of the issue, and—ultimately—fix the problem.

This approach is more effective than defensive-only methods and keeps developers engaged as they improve their ability to write secure software, boost their understanding of how software systems are hacked, and decrease the time needed to solve security-related problems. HackEDU's secure coding training program also offers significant value to users with no setup time, 4.4x ROI per developer, flexibility in its training schedule, and high developer engagement.

"Vulnerabilities are expensive. You spend time finding and fixing them, you can lose consumer trust... the list goes on," said Jared Ablon, Founder and CEO of HackEDU. "You don't want your developers releasing code with the same vulnerabilities over and over again and have to wait for your security team to find and fix them. Security training has a huge effect on reducing the vulnerabilities in code, and our new feature helps Secure Development Training to be even more effective with a greater cost-benefit advantage for companies."

HackEDU offers a SQL injection lesson at, which is open and available to the public. For more information, contact HackEDU at, or visit their website at


HackEDU was founded by Jared Ablon and Matt Koskela in 2017 with the intention of building the most effective interactive cybersecurity training online. Their premier product, Secure Development Training, helps developers, engineers, and IT personnel write safer code through interactive secure coding best practices.