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HackEDU Platform Tutorial

HackEDU Platform Tutorial

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HackEDU provides best in class interactive cybersecurity training for companies looking to train developers to code more securely and for individuals brand new to the field looking to break in. We are passionate about teaching cybersecurity and aim to lower barriers to learn security and give safe and legal environments for exploration.

Offensive based training has been shown to be more effective at reducing vulnerabilities than defensive training alone. In each of our Secure Development Training lessons, we start with offensive training with vulnerability discovery which shows developers how attackers are looking at their applications. Once we've walked through how to find a vulnerability, we go through hands-on exploitation in a sandbox environment. This really helps drive home the impact of these vulnerabilities with developers who often don't see the impact. Once the app has been exploited, we examine the defensive side and look at the vulnerable code running in the sandbox. You can live patch the code running on your sandbox in the language of your choice and see if you've fixed the vulnerability.

All of our tools are built directly into the browser, so you can get started with no setup time. Everything from your web proxy, code editor and requesting sandboxes is all built in.

Training can be scheduled to fit your needs since everything can be completed on demand. There is no reason to disrupt your current roadmap.

You can watch the video at the top of this page to take a closer look at HackEDU's tools, or click here to try the demo yourself!