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HackEDU Acquires Security Journey to Create Industry-leading Application Security Offering

HackEDU Acquires Security Journey

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I’m excited to share that today HackEDU is announcing our acquisition of Security Journey.

In case you haven’t heard of Security Journey, Chris Romeo and his team have built an amazing application security training platform with hundreds of training modules in a variety of formats, from conversational videos to hands-on coding experiments.

Our customers’ enthusiasm for the HackEDU secure coding training lessons has inspired us to broaden our role-based offering beyond developers to include the many roles surrounding software development, including quality assurance, product and project management, development leaders, and executives. Security Journey helps us achieve this goal.

Having listened to buyers of security training for the past decade, I am confident that when we achieve our vision, our combined organization will deliver everything you need to create a security-first culture across your entire software development lifecycle.

Our product vision is founded on discussions with application security leaders and includes:

  • Broad and deep training library to support multi-year programs
  • Continually refreshed content to address today’s evolving threat landscape
  • Multiple training formats to meet diverse learner needs
  • Administrative features that make training programs efficient and easy to manage
  • Training plans informed by your application security testing tool findings
  • Reporting that provides clarity on your progress in improving knowledge and reducing application security risk

Today, we made a huge step forward in creating a single application security training platform that does all of this and more.

I know I speak for everyone at HackEDU and Security Journey when I say that we are all looking forward to guiding you on your organization’s security journey. 

Hop on over to the Security Journey blog to read more from Chris Romeo about the acquisition.


Thank you,

Joe Ferrara, CEO, HackEDU