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Barriers to Start Cybersecurity

Barriers to Start Cybersecurity

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The cybersecurity industry is facing a shortage of professionals, in part because of a lack of high-quality and accessible training. Cybersecurity training has several issues that make accessibility difficult. This post will discuss the barriers to learning cybersecurity training and how they can be overcome.

There are a lot of great free, open-source tools in cybersecurity, which is one of the great things about the security community. However, it can be difficult for people who are new to the industry to understand which tools are important and how to properly configure them. Many of the available tools are complex and can require hours to correctly set up and configure.

Unfortunately, setting up tools, environments, and virtual machines (VMs) can get in the way of learning about cybersecurity. For this reason, HackEDU provides browser-based environments and tools that are preconfigured to give people who are new to security the opportunity to use cybersecurity tools without the frustration of setup. It is friction of setting up tools, environments, and VMs that gets in the way of learning and HackEDU removes that.

Having access to applications and networks to use cybersecurity tools on is another barrier to learning about cybersecurity. Testing on other people’s applications and networks without express permission is illegal. To solve this problem, HackEDU provides real applications and networks that people can freely use for testing. This gives students a legal way to learn about cybersecurity in a safe and controlled environment.

Don’t let software setup and network access get in the way of learning about cybersecurity. Once these barriers are removed, security training is much more accessible to people who are new to the field or want to become more security-focused.

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