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8 PCI Compliance Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

8 PCI Compliance Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

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In today's world, the security of sensitive data has become more critical than ever.  PCI DSS standards were created to protect credit cardholders' data from theft and fraud. Any organization that accepts credit card payments must comply with these standards. Failing to meet these standards can result in fines, loss of reputation, and even legal action. 

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PCI DSS is an acronym for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. These rules went into effect in 2006, intending to ensure that credit card data is secured in a uniform way.   

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This infographic will show top PCI compliance tips and how secure coding training can help you reach your compliance goals. 

Click Here To Download This Infographic 


Click Here To Download This Infographic 


Compliance Is Not Set It and Forget It 

Achieving PCI compliance requires ongoing effort and vigilance. Following these tips can help protect your business and customers' sensitive data from theft and fraud. Remember, compliance is not a one-time event but an ongoing process. So stay vigilant and keep your systems secure to protect your business and customers. 

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