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6 Tips To Encourage PCI Training Completion [INFOGRAPHIC]

6 Tips To Encourage PCI Training Completion [INFOGRAPHIC]

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As a program administrator, you have a lot on your plate - including how to get your employees to complete their assigned training. However, with a few small updates, you can help keep your employees engaged in their training programs. 

At Security Journey, we help organizations train their developers, and entire SDLC, on essential topics such as PCI compliance through our AppSec Education Platform. 


Click Here To Download The Infographic 

SecurityJourney_Infographic_PCI_Tips (2)

Click Here To Download The Infographic 


Partnering With Security Journey For PCI Training Success 

If your organization accepts credit card payments, you must follow PCI compliance standards. These standards are designed to protect the data shared with you by your customers. 

With Security Journey's AppSec Education Platform, your developers will learn to be PCI DSS compliant through comprehensive lessons and hands-on activities. 

Security Journey's training content is highly customizable and interactive, with engaging exercises, real-world scenarios, and practical simulations, allowing organizations to tailor the training content to their specific needs and their employees' roles.  

By leveraging Security Journey's training platform, organizations can drive PCI training success by providing highly effective, engaging, and customizable training programs that enable employees to learn and apply the best practices for securing payment card information.