Application Security Podcast

Marc French, Steve Lipner, Maya Kaczorowski, DJ Schleen, Kim Wuyts -- Season Six Wrap Up

May 13, 2020

Show Notes

We’ve reached the end of season six, and here are a few of our favorite clips. Season seven is around the corner.

  • S06E01 — Marc French — The AppSec CISO
  • What are some tips for someone who wants to become a CISO? Is there such a thing as a CISO school?
  • S06E05 — Steve Lipner — The Past, Present, and Future of SDL
  • Lipner is a giant in the industry and someone that I’ve looked up to for years. After some setup, I ask him for a definition of SDL.
  • S06E08 — Maya Kaczorowski — Container and Orchestration Security
  • Containers are not a security tool. Do you agree or disagree? The philosophy of container security.
  • S06E10 — DJ Schleen — DevOps: The Sec is Silent
  • DevOps/DevSecOps Unicorns.
  • S06E15 — Kim Wuyts — Privacy Threat Modeling
  • We walk through the LINDUN privacy threat modeling framework, step by step.


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