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Jeroen Willemsen and Ben de Haan -- Dirty little secrets

January 11, 2022

Show Notes

Jeroen Willemsen is a passionate, hands-on security architect with a knack for mobile security and security automation. As a "jack of all trades," he has been involved with various OWASP projects and has developed various trainings. He has spent over 10 years as a full-stack developer and has worked as a (security) architect, security lead, and risk manager.

Ben de Haan is a Freelance Security consultant and engineer. Ben's specialties are architecting and implementing cloud security and building secure CI/CD environments in Agile, DevOps, and SRE cultures. Ben believes security should be built-in and can be scaled to meet these modern ways of working. Outside of regular work, Ben enjoys hosting security trainings or workshops, and he's an AWS NL Meetup regular.

Jeroen and Ben join us to speak about their OWASP project, Wrong Secrets. We discuss the problems secrets bring into applications and explore how you can use Wrong Secrets to bolster your knowledge of what not to do with secrets. We hope you enjoy this conversation with... Jereon and Ben.

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