Application Security Podcast

Jannik Hollenback -- Multijuicer: JuiceShop with a side of Kubernetes

June 2, 2020

Show Notes

Jannik Hollenbach is a Security Automation Engineer at iteratec GmbH, working on and with open source security testing tools to continuously detect security vulnerabilities in the companies software and systems. He is also a member of the OWASP Juice Shop project team. Jannik joins us to discuss MultiJuicer, or how to run JuiceShop in a Kubernetes cluster, with a separate JuiceShop instance for each user.

For season 7 and beyond, we’ve launched our Youtube channel, Application Security Podcast, where we post the video feeds for all episodes. You’ll want to check it out, as many interviews now have demo’s included, where we capture screens during the interview.

We hope you enjoy this conversation with.. Jannik Hollenbach.



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