Application Security Podcast

Izar Tarandach and Matt Coles-- Threat Modeling: A Practical Guide for Development Teams

April 23, 2021

Show Notes

In this episode of the Application Security Podcast, we're joined by friends Izar and Matt, authors of the book "Threat Modeling: A Practical Guide for Development Teams." Izar is currently the Squarespace Principal Security Engineer. He lives in NY, where he enjoys telling people who separate security from development to get off his lawn. Matt is currently a Product & Application Security Engineer at Dell Technologies. Matt lives in Massachusetts, is an avid gamer, and enjoys time with his family when not thinking or talking to others about security. We discuss why they wrote the book, what it covers, the target audience, and how to wield the information within to threat model all the things. Robert and I both love the book, and highly recommend it, and on this episode, you'll hear why.


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