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Down the Security Rabbit Hole -- Interview: #DtSR and What Makes a Good Security Consultant?

January 12, 2017

Show Notes

Greetings all! We have a treat for you this episode. Robert and I are joined by the crew from the Down the Security Rabbit Hole Podcast. This includes Rafal Los (@wh1t3rabbit), James Jardine (@jardinesoftware), and Michael Santarcangelo (@catalyst). This is a special conversation for me, because the AppSec PodCast was born from the first interview I did with #DtSR. I was featured on DtSR Episode 204 in July 2016 after a friend suggested me to Raf on Twitter. (Thanks Nigel!) The DtSR episode was entitled “On Changing Culture”.  I had listened to these guys on and off for years, and now had the chance to be interviewed by them. The experience pushed me to start this PodCast, and here we are 17 episodes later.

In this conversation we answer the question “What Makes a Good Security Consultant?” We quickly admit that a consultant does not have to mean someone that charges per hour for security. These guys have a wealth of knowledge and experience on the topic, and I know that you’ll walk away with multiple ideas to apply. Enjoy!


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