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Chris and Robert: A Taste of Hi-5


Show Notes

As the hosts of the Application Security Podcast, we get the opportunity from time to time to mix it up. This week we gather a few security articles, share a summary, and offer our opinions (for what our opinions are worth). The source of the articles is Hi-5,  a weekly newsletter containing five security articles that are worth your time. We scour the Interwebs looking for the best articles on application and product security and share those with you. You can subscribe to Hi-5 on the Security Journey website.

Hit us up on Twitter and let us know if you like this format and if we should do more of this type of content. We hope you enjoy this episode with, Chris and Robert.

These are the articles:

Interest In Secure Design Practices Is Increasing Leading To Two Predictions

Developers mentoring other developers: practices I’ve seen work well

7 Web Application Security Best Practices


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