Application Security Podcast

Aaron Guzman -- IoTGoat

June 23, 2020

Show Notes

Aaron Guzman specializes in IoT, embedded, and automotive security. Aaron is the Co-Author of “IoT Penetration Testing Cookbook”. He helps lead both OWASP’s Embedded Application Security and Internet of Things projects; providing practical guidance for addressing top security vulnerabilities to the embedded and IoT community. Aaron joins us to explore IoTGoat. IoTGoat is a deliberately insecure firmware created to educate software developers and security professionals with testing commonly found vulnerabilities in IoT devices. He describes what it is, where it comes from, and does a demo for us on how to put it to use.

For season 7 and beyond, we’ve launched our Youtube channel, Application Security Podcast, where we post the video feeds for all episodes. You’ll want to check it out, as many interviews now have demo’s included, where we capture screen during the interview. We hope you enjoy this conversation with…Aaron Guzman.


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