Why is Secure Development Training Needed?

Secure Development Training is the start of a comprehensive Security Development Lifecycle with keeping code secure and helps meet the requirements for PCI, HIPAA and other compliance frameworks. The majority of software developers have never taken secure development training and do not know about types of vulnerabilities or how to defend against them. Vulnerabilities increase the risk of data breaches, financial loss, and erode trust in companies. Secure development training will reduce the risk of these incidents. To learn more on why this is important please read our blog post about  Why Secure Development Training is Needed.

How do you get developers motivated enough to take the training?

HackEDU's training is different than most secure development training available, it engages with hands-on labs. Our goal is to engage your developers in interactive training with real applications, real tools, and real vulnerabilities. Our training uses developers natural desire to problem solve to help keep them motivated.

We are confident that our training will keep developers interested and engaged. You can read more about our offensive approach here:  Why An Offensive Approach to Security Training is Effective.

If you are interested in further engaging and motivating developers we can set up hacking competitions with cash/prizes as incentives. This has been shown to add additional excitement and gets the vast majority of developers through all of the training.

Does HackEDU focus on the defensive side of security?

Over half of the focus of HackEDU is the defensive side of secure coding. HackEDU has code review exercies in various programming languages: Java, C#, .NET, Node, Golang, Python, PHP.

Our developers don't have time to take the training does that mean it is not for us?

HackEDU allows developers to spread the training out over the course of a year. Having developers work on training for 1-2 hours every month is hardly a big drain on resources and allows for developers to start coding safer and keep it on top of mind throughout the year. There will always be more to develop, but getting started as early as possible helps reduce the risk immediately. The timing can be managed from the HackEDU Admin dashboard.

What is the ROI of Secure Development Training? Is it worth it?

The short answer is yes, Secure Development Training is worth it. It has a 4.4x ROI.  Read a more detailed analysis here.

How Much Should I Spend on Secure Coding Training?

You can get a quote here: Price Quote how much different Secure Development Training offerings cost.

How long does HackEDU's Secure Development Training take?

The training is self paced and depends on the developer and the lesson. On average it takes approximately 20 minutes to get through a lesson. We have 11 core lessons for compliance & certification and over 35 lessons and 12 challenges total covering over 115 different topics.

When is the right time to take Secure Development Training?

You will never be any less busy, so don't wait to find the perfect time because your developers are developing without the fundamental skills necessary to code securely. It is only a matter of time until there is an incident. If your data is stolen or your applications are hacked, you will lose the hard-won trust of your customers, and the results of that could be devastating. Read more:  When should I start Secure Development Training?