The Blockchain Threat Landscape: Part 2

Michael Burch
Application Security Engineer

Blockchain is not secure. As more mainstream businesses adopt Web3 and transition primary resources to the blockchain, more attack vectors begin to surface. In fact, the blockchain threat landscape encompasses much more than just cryptocurrency; it is susceptible to many of the same exploits and threats as traditional applications and comes with an entirely new group of them.

In just one year - 2020 to 2021, Crypto theft increased 66% to $14 billion. 72% of those funds were stolen from DeFi (decentralized finance) sites. Securing the blockchain is vital for businesses utilizing its services.

In part two of our blockchain webinar series, Chris and Mike are diving back into the biggest blockchain threats by:

  1. Identifying the threats you need to know about
  2. Defining what makes them so high-risk
  3. Detailing how they work
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